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Mister Rogers Delivers POWER Speech to Senators - Nostalgic and a wonderful lesson in civility.

Oh for the good old days....
We must not forget, and we must work to rid ourselves of the bad so we are free again to continue to evolve.

In 1969, Mr. Rogers gave the following emotional plea to a Senate Subcommittee. Nixon was trying to cut funding for PBS. Mr. Rogers was trying to save it. This speech is one of many fantastic memories that remind us just how fantastic a happiness hero this man really was.

Somehow using nothing but a few minutes of gentle words, Mr. Rogers was able to convince them not to pull funding from public television. The transition of the committee’s chairman from skeptical and dismissive at the beginning to having an attitude of outright admiration at the end is beautiful to behold. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when kindness and the happiness of others is your goal.

If it were not true, I'd post it in "Humor" - story of an "awesome" ATT clerk

So I went to the ATT store today, to ask about the rules for my iPhone which I want to use in Europe. That’s what I told the uniformed handsome young guy and also that I plan to travel there in about a month.

He pushed buttons on his iPad. Started over. Tried again and I asked him if I had given him a real challenge, and he said yes I had, because they had absolutely no way to connect my phone in Europe. All other countries that start with E would work fine, as he turned the screen to me and said: “ See, here they all are, Egypt, Ethiopia etc. etc. but see for yourself, there is no Europe.”

I looked at him. I did not crack up. I did not even smile.
“Europe is a continent” I said, “and these are countries.”
Europe is a continent that is full of countries.

Oh, he said.
I did not know that.

Just brought these in from outside

...I must do this every year, even if it's a little boring. What a breath of spring and happiness!

Found this on facebook one day late for President's day

Happy President's day a little late for Presidents who are imperfect, but not traitors.

Solly Mack is down with the flu

Please send her a pretty something to look at to cheer her up. She can't drag herself to the computer much, she says, but she does look in through blurry sick eyes.
I think she has a bad case of it.
I just posted some bread pictures, they are for you but for her as well.
Please add a photo of yours to this thread.

Give us today....

our daily bread.
I've been baking.

This ought to be TV worth watching: The lineup with Bill Maher tonight. HBO 10 pm EST

Anna Deavere Smith

Vicente Fox

Fran Lebowitz & Salman Rushdie

How to save money traveling in Europe (and possibly elsewhere)

My young, poor, jobless college graduate friend who worked hard for Bernie running the local office (that's how I met him), took his girlfriend to Italy and the Dolomites, and to Amsterdam
on a 10 day shoestring trip.

They just got back brought me a few tulip bulbs and shared wonderful tales from their travels.

My most important questions though concerned money. How in the hell did you do this on 30 bucks a day? Each. For everything, food and travel and lodging?

The answer was:
"All you have to do is to say "Fuck Trump" and offer a high five.
We had a bus driver who went into the next bus and asked the driver there to take us with him for free.
People reduced their rates, and gave us food."

"It was easy.
Next time he said I'll put it on a T-shirt and go to Paris."

Bill Maher tonight. 10 pm EST / HBO - list of guests

Richard Haass

Anthony Scaramucci

David Frum & Donna Brazile
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