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Member since: Thu Oct 21, 2004, 06:06 PM
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Jefferson Beauregard Cornpone - Swamp Monster on Facebook

Ich habe einen Traum - Wiesbaden Germany Courier

It's morning and I saw this bird again :)

It looked a lot happier and less bewildered.
I'm trying to tell you the sun is out and for us, winter is finally waning.

Ice sculpture from this morning and the brick

I used to smash it.
The ice formed in a pan, and I lifted it out in frustration about how much longer we will have winter.....
But first i had to celebrate it with a photograph. Ice is beautiful.

Mister Rogers Delivers POWER Speech to Senators - Nostalgic and a wonderful lesson in civility.

Oh for the good old days....
We must not forget, and we must work to rid ourselves of the bad so we are free again to continue to evolve.

In 1969, Mr. Rogers gave the following emotional plea to a Senate Subcommittee. Nixon was trying to cut funding for PBS. Mr. Rogers was trying to save it. This speech is one of many fantastic memories that remind us just how fantastic a happiness hero this man really was.

Somehow using nothing but a few minutes of gentle words, Mr. Rogers was able to convince them not to pull funding from public television. The transition of the committee’s chairman from skeptical and dismissive at the beginning to having an attitude of outright admiration at the end is beautiful to behold. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when kindness and the happiness of others is your goal.

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