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Member since: Thu Oct 21, 2004, 06:06 PM
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At the start of the Cohen public testimony a promising visual for us

May I present: The person Mark Harris has endorsed for NC 9th as we go into a new election

This is Stony Rushing who has been endorsed by Mark Harris for the N C 9th District Congressional seat.


I want to say a hearty Hyuck Hyuck OMG about that. But then, I don't know the man, am glad for it, and will keep it that way. Though I can't speak for the voters in the 9th district, I can send thoughts and prayers and maybe we'll get one more house seat out of the shameful election fraud in the midterms.

WALLS - they are a symbol - not a solution / found on facebook

The story of the photo that won second place. Where it is, and more pictures

More about where I took my second photo of the February contest, one of them even has me in it.

The Walhalla is a hall of fame that honors laudable and distinguished people in German history – "politicians, sovereigns, scientists and artists of the German tongue". The hall is a neo-classical building above the Danube River, east of Regensburg in Bavaria.


We had to climb up on (comfortable) steps to get to the huge building. It was a warm Spring day, and many people, mostly young, were sunning themselves, picnicking and overlooking the Danube.

One arrives at the back end, somewhere in the middle is the entrance, and at the front there are interminable steps without any guard rails leading down to the river.

Look at them all, maybe just because the last picture shows my backside. I did not take it, just posed for it.

Arriving at the top, the rear of the building after coming up steps in a forested area

Lots of happy gatherings in between the huge columns and landings. Note the dangling feet to show you the heights

We got there at closing time, so against great opposition I sneaked in and took these 2 quick shots

Around now to the front and the steps

And finally me and my backside, as promised

Edited to add a link to a post I made about horses in Vienna, it's in the photo forum and somehow not viewed that much. Thanks for voting for my horse photo also


More of the Horses. Scroll through and enjoy.

Thanks, friends, for your votes, is what the horses are saying to you.
There are so many beautiful horse carriages in the heart of Vienna that it was impossible not to come home with lots of photos.

First off are the guys you voted for one more time, and then many others...

and finally at the stable of the famous Lipizzan Stallions

Hope blooms. Across the street from my house.

Other than making a HUGE issue about abolishing the electoral college ---Naomi Klein speaks---

here are important considerations, as we all know

College educated, wite, suburian and don't forget PROUD! I wish it were a cartoon

While my camera is still out from yesterday

and while I'm watching and waiting for Roger Stone to get his toothbrush, and Atty. General Barr to get the Mueller report, and waiting for Dyedinthewoolliberal to post the finals for February I wandered aimlessly and took a couple of pictures in the house....

Tiny buds of promise and fall decay hanging on

Nothing special, just saw it as I schlepped in groceries as it rained

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