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Worried about how to act at the grocery store to stay safe? Watch this!

Planned to make this statement with pictures, and a little humor

It did not work because there is nothing that can be funny about it.

My thought is, and I feel mentally small to think it, and even smaller to express it, that the President of the United States, who during this crisis is expressing unahppiness about being isolated in the White House, and who is expressing thoughts about the "beauty" at Easter, and about wanting things to start back up and be normal, is deep down not really making these comments because he thinks it will start the economy back up and bring America back just as it has nothing to do with filling churches with supposedly recovering but instead endangered people who might do it because they believe he is Christlike and Christian.

It's nothing but a self serving desire to be back on the golf course.

That's how much I distrust his poorly expressed concern for us.
And that's how sick I think he is. He can feel it, think it, part of him knows it's horrible and bad, but he cannot help himself. He has been spoiled and rotten to the core his entire life. And now he's a stinking rotten selfish old man way over his head. He surely rues the day he came down that elevator to a paid group of actor supporters and started his ranting and his run for President. He rues the day in the same place of his heart where he rues wanting this pandemic over with so he can again cheat at golf.

A doctored photo of what I wish could be today's press conference

LTE this morning. Sardonic Humor at its best.

All his promises

President Trump keeps all his promises! He repealed and replaced Obamacare with health care that is better and less expensive for all Americans. He made Mexico pay for a great border wall.

He made North Korea give up its nuclear weapons. He stopped Iranís nuclear development and its support for terrorist organizations. He forced the Chinese to stop stealing U.S. technology.

He grew the economy with a GDP increase of 4% and decreased the national debt. He ended the unwinnable Middle East wars that President George W. Bush started. He brought the troops home.

He rebuilt Americaís roads and bridges with an incredible infrastructure program. His incredible peace plan reconciled Palestinians and Israelis.

He reopened West Virginiaís coal mines. He released his tax returns for all to see after they were audited.

Mission accomplished! Hail to the chief! Our president has drained the swamp and made America great again despite the fact that everybody was picking on him most unfairly.

Now itís time to lift the burdens of government from his able shoulders. Letís give him more time between golf outings to visit his swamp-drainers in their respective prisons.

Larry Roth / Winston-Salem Journal

Let's play that famous tiny finger violin. Poor poor Donnie...

The saddest thing about this so-called cartoon is that it is not funny. I'm nauseated.

The only thing I like, being a visually oriented person, is the perfect caption of the downtrodden, suffering, I know I suck and in over my head facial expression.

Edited to add: "Me, me, me - that's what it's all about. That I can tell you."

If you think today's briefing is missing, let me fill you in.

Very very. Incredible. Great. Best ever. Fantastic. Never before. Horrible like nobody's ever seen. Tremendous. Many many amazing. Strong.
We'll see what happens.
Very special. Like nobody ever.
That I can tell you.


There you have it. Our brief vocabulary lesson is over, and our country is still at risk, and the leader is absent in chief.

I have enjoyed the concise, honest, factual reports by Governor Andrew Cuomo every day that then morphed into discussion of personal responsibility, humane interaction, how to deal wirh fear and isolation, and coming together as people who are truly all in this together.
It's a little like going to church.
I very much appreciate the leadership he is extending in our time of need for it.

A couple of hours ago at Walmart - photo of toilet paper aisle

I stopped in to get a few straggling necessities, boxes of Kleenex were on my mind when I rounded the aisle to the papergoods.

***Attention: runoff vote 10th place finals "WINTER" -stepping in temporarily for a la izquierda***

a la izquierda asked for help, she is involved in setting up on line teaching and does not have time right now.
There is a three way tie for 10th place for the finals, 3 photos got the exact same amount of votes.
Would you please vote for your favorite, we give this 2 days, and then I'll step back out.

Thanks, and please help me keep it kicked
and also, everyone, stay well and safe.

Thanks - please vote

Winter Gloaming

Winter Food

Skating Away

Visual: contemporary air travel

On board in Europe, child of a friend. I do not think he/she will mind being shown without permission.
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