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Member since: Thu Oct 21, 2004, 06:06 PM
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Photographers, I have a problem. My eyesight.

Yesterday I spent over 5 hours with the eye doctors and learned that the huge blob obstructing almost all vision in my left eye is a bleed from wet macular degeneration.
I got my first injection into the retina and there are more to come.
This is a bad and possibly permanent condition and I'm working hard on making peace with it. Over time I think I'll adjust, but for now just "seeing" is pretty tough.

Some things had to be postponed or changed, and now I'm coming up on the July contest which I am to host, and I think that will be very hard for me.
The doctor says the improvement, if any, can take months. Surgery was nixed by the doctors at Duke who were consulted.

I am in possession of the theme for the new contest, and it's a really nice one. sinkingfeeling let me know it in a private message.

I hope someone will volunteer to take over for me and host the July contest. To that special person I will divulge the theme.
Please help me out.

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