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Member since: Thu Oct 21, 2004, 06:06 PM
Number of posts: 22,359

Journal Archives

If you lack taste and imagination - use money. Other people's if possible. Right, Ivanka?

Can't think of a header. I'm too scared.

ART sprung up in my neighborhood,in NC. Thrilled to find it and show it to you.

My baby on the porch floor

She turned 6 years today
Some of you surely remember LOLA

Found another worthy one

My eye-sight problems have prevented me from really looking at my recent (first in a long time) photos. But I think I may be right that this one is worth seeing, It's in Savannah, environs of an old plantation, a few weeks ago.

Just in case you're not mad enough, here is some feed

A visual plug for the TELFAIR Museum / Savannah

Picked up my camera for the first time in half a year

Missed all of you! My vision is still and will remain diminished. Yet. I got to go on a short trip to Savannah, took my camera, and in the deep woods around an old plantation got this shot.
Hope you like it.

Grandstanding - Willful - Selfish. A disgrace. Add more if you like.

Willing to say, and welcome to hear

........... today the smell in the air is goose. And it is cooked.
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