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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,706

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Does Anyone Have A Listing Of The 31 Repug Governors And What Year Their Terms End?.....

My theory is that many of the states that have a Repug governor have seen the damage that they do and when they come up for re-election they will lose to the Dems.

I'm just wondering how long it will take to change the ratio of Repug to Dem governors in this country.

If Any President Wanted To Take Our Guns - In Reality How Could It Be Done?...

No President can just wake up in the morning and say I'm taking your guns. Nobody - not Congress, not the military, not our police forces, not the American People would let that happen.

So the Repugs using that meme that someone wants to take away our guns doesn't even make sense.

Why can't The American People see thru that and realize it for what it is - just bogus.

How Could The Daggers Come Out By The Repugs With A.....

Historical speech and pep rally (and I mean that in a very positive way) like this. They got to be feeling real foolish and bad about themselves right about now.

As an aside - the cameras stayed on Rubio for a long time. He was looking rather uncomfortable and I wish I could read his mind. I'm thinking he was thinking that he's not up to the job as President. He was watching a great man make a historical speech and realizes he can't hold a candle to him.

I'm Hearing A Lot Of Bernie In This Speech...

Outside of TPP Bernie should be happy about this speech and use much of it in his march to the WH.

Wow - What A Speech And We're Only Half Way Through....nt

Who Was That Woman That Stood Up With Outstretched Arms?...

After comments about the auto industry.

Here's A Curious ? - If Trump Becomes The Repug Nominee Will He Pick His VP Running Mate Or Will....

the RNC lean on him to pick who they want as VP?

Have they already made a deal with the Donald that if he winds up as the nominee - they get to pick his running mate?

I'm just curious because knowing the Donald's personality - I would think that he would want to make the choice himself - but today I've been hearing on the cable news shows that Nicki Haley - she's giving the Repug response to the President's SOTU - is the leading candidate for VP.

Any thoughts on this?

Will The President Say Anything In The SOTU Speech Tonight About The Malheur Protesters?.....

Would he accomplish anything by commenting on this or is it better left unsaid?

The Meme Of Bernie Pulling Hillary To The Left And Her Changing Her Positions Based On This....

to me is problematic. Bernie can do all the pulling of Hillary to the left that he can rummage up. Hillary can assume all of Bernie's positions so she can secure the nomination. However, in the end, which candidate is more apt to actually put these positions into action?

Hillary strikes me as to do and say whatever it takes to secure the nomination. I'm troubled that if ultimately she happens to be elected as President - this turns out to be 'bait and switch'.

I believe that if we Progressives want to move the country back to the left and regain the ground we lost to the Reagan's and Bush's - that we have to have the person that - is and has been talking - the same game all his political career - and that is Bernie.

I'm confident that Bernie will do all he can as President to achieve his platform for The People.

I'm not confident that Hillary will do the same and I don't trust that she will.

That is the reason that I'm backing Bernie all the way. He is the only candidate running for President from both Parties that I really trust to do as he says.

What say you?

I Just Got A Campaign E-Mail From Hillary Through Daily Kos....

it looks like the Clinton campaign is using Daily Kos to get to us now. I didn't solicit this. I don't want Clinton campaign messages. I think it is wrong on the part of Daily Kos to most likely sell my e-mail info to them. Anybody else have this happen to them?
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