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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,749

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Will This Indictment Affect The Repugs Tax Reform?.....

Or will they just act like nothing is happening and keep forging ahead with that?

What Kind Of Distraction Will Trump Come Up With Over This Weekend.....

to take Mueller's indictment off the front pages of newspapers?

Fox News Is Coming Down Hard On Mueller - Urging Him To Resign.....

making up all kind of crap - lies. They are doing this to help Trump. They are colluding with the colluder in chief.

I know we have Freedom of the Press - but when a organization like Fox actually makes up crap in order to help out the guy that is a Russian colluder and obstructor of justice - can they be hit for obstruction?

Drive Trump Crazy - Keep Him In A State Of Continual Counterpunching......

Today Trump said when someone attacks him - he counterpunches. That's his style. But when he counterpunches - primarily through his use of Twitter and Tweets - he looks like he's gone loco and he's lost it. His tweets when he counterpunches - make him look bad and make him look like the bully he is. And I think everytime he sends out one of these counterpunching tweets - he loses more and more support from some of those that voted for him. They begin to see him as he really is - not the illusion that's been created around him or of him.

So my idea is - we need to keep Trump in a state of continual counterpunching. Every day some notable Dem Senator, Congressman, former office holder, Hollywood star or starlets, business people, etc has to level some sort of criticism of Trump that gets his goat and causes him to unleash his twitter finger and counterpunch. If this happens - day in and day out - and he counterpunches everytime - he's going to look like a stark raving lunatic. I think he'll crumble under the continual pressure. I think it will drive him crazy.

There Were No Chairs In The Room.....

Trump is tweeting a lot about "standing O's" this a.m.

His people go out of their way to keep him happy. (sarcasm)

Does Trump Have Any Chance In Hell To Get Tax Reform Now?.....

I'm thinking he won't have the votes. What say you?

Fool Me Once - Shame On You - Fool Me Twice - Shame On Me - How Many Times Are We Going To Fall.....

for the same crap the Repugs are pushing for tax reform. They might throw some crumbs out to the middle class - but we all know that this tax reform is targeting the rich and the corporations.

They say 'jobs, jobs, jobs' - but in reality - just because corporate taxes will be cut - doesn't mean the corps will hire more people or raise wages for current employees. We all know that this won't happen.

Yes - their tax plan is going to benefit the wealthy and the rest of us will be sold down the river. Any advantages that the Repugs say will be directed to the middle class - will only be in there to try and get the Dems to vote for their plan. They will use Dems not getting on board with their plan against them - by saying that it is the Dems that are obstructing and not wanting to give tax cuts to the middle class. And guess what - a lot of the American People will fall for that.

The Repugs will push for lower taxes. They increase the deficit immensely. And when the Dems get into the WH and back in power - the Dems will - as always - have to play clean-up. They will have to push for tax increases and the Repugs will use that against the Dems as well.

Sad isn't it?

Repug Congress Strikes Again - Dozens Of Crucial Health Initiatives Await Reauthorization.....

In addition to its failure to reauthorize the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) before it expired, Congress also let dozens of other federal health initiatives expire at the end of September. The initiatives, while typically not controversial, are smaller initiatives that are usually lumped into a larger bill. In the past, they were reauthorized when Congress updated or suspended the physician fee schedule but when the Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate was repealed in 2015, the initiatives lost their legislative home.

These health programs work. But in the rancor of Congress, they’ve been left in the lurch.


Isn't All This Time Mueller Is Taking On This Investigation Giving The....

Russian colluders time to collude with each other and get their stories consistent for Mueller?

Yesterday I Heard One Of These Talking Heads Generals On MSNBC Saying....

that a president is really too busy and has more important things to do than call a wife or parent of a fallen soldier. He suggested that it should be done by the military - that is informing and expressing condolences.

Trump strikes again. Just because Trump does such a bad job at this task - he is suggesting that this be changed going forward. Another tradition going down the drain because of Trump's ineptitude.
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