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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,706

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Why All The Conflicting And Contradictory Stories....

We hear that Trump is unhinged and losing it. He's blowing up in the WH. He hates everybody there. Kelly is on the outs and will get fired.

Then today - they trot out Kelly and he basically refutes all those stories and says everything is beautiful.

What are we to believe any more. What is fact? What is fake?

Who's snowing who?

I just can't take anymore of these Chutes and Ladders.

Is Mueller even real?

Is There A Greater Power At Work? - Something I Don't Understand?......

If Trump is supposed to be deranged, unhinged, doesn't have a clue, with dementia, a threat to humanity, etc - why is it that everyday he does just a little more to dismantle this government and our democracy. How does he get away with it? Is he smarter than we think and we are just deluding ourselves into thinking he's not? Or is there a greater power at work that is causing all this grief? Who or what is pulling Trump's strings? Why is it that he is still in power given all the crap he's pulled?

How is it that Trump gets away with all he has - since he began running for office? How is it that Harvey Weinstein was taken down by the MSM in less than a week - and all the talk of the same things that Trump did - has gone away?

I just don't get it. What is really going on here?

Can anybody shed some light on this?

I Dread Waking Up Every A.M. For Fear Of What Trump....

has done to further destroy our country.

What Happens To The Senate & House Investigating Committee's If Mueller Reports First?.....

If Mueller finishes his Trump/Russia/Collusion/Obstruction of Justice Investigation first and issues a report, indictment, etc - what happens to the on-going Senate and House committees that are investigating the same things? Do they issue their findings and collaborate with Mueller or could they - in fact - take issue with Mueller's findings?

If They Ever Do A Movie On Harvey Weinstein.....

Jeff Garlin could play Weinstein.

With Respect To The Dossier - Is There Anywhere The Dossier Is Analyzed Point By Point....

and shows what elements of it have proven out to be true; what elements have been proven false and those elements of it that have yet to be verified?

Does Trump Have An NRA Rating?.....

I understand that the NRA rates House Reps & Senators with a letter grade depending on how loyal they are to the NRA and the money that NRA passes to these politicians. Does Trump have an NRA Rating? Is he beholding to the NRA? If he took a stand against the NRA - what would happen?

Has The MSM Reported Roseanne Cash's Statement On The Shooting & The NRA...


She may have wrote an OpEd on this - but I'm really questioning how many American People and Country Fans would have seen this or even heard about this.

It's not going to do much good if this isn't reported to the masses and just stays buried in some OpEd somewhere.

We need to K&R her OpEd.

There Is Not A Sincere Bone In Trump's Body....

we all know that being in PR or LV is the last places he really wants to be in - but he's doing it for the photo op. Always a showman.

Why does the MSM let him get away with these 'fake' photo ops?

We all know that Trump would rather be on one of his golf courses and as far away from us peons.

Has Anyone Mentioned To Prospect Of Copy-Cat Mass Shootings?......

Seems to me that there are a number of events every year in the U.S. where people book rooms high up to watch the festivities. How are we going to protect ourselves in the future against 'copy-cat' mass shootings?
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