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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,857

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Nine Days Before The Midterms - How Much More Damage Can.....

Trump do?

Does Anyone Know What Trump Had To Say At His Illinois Rally.....

yesterday? How well attended was it? What was the interaction like between Trump and Rauner?

Whoever Came Up With The Moniker "MAGAbomber" was a.....

genius. We need to keep using "MAGAbomber" any time this whole incident is talked about - especially when talking to and questioning Trump. He needs that hung on him. Let him know that we all know that he provoked this violence with his violent rhetoric. This is all his fault.

China - If You Are Listening (To Trump's Telephone Calls) On His Unsecured Phone - Please....

record them and release the tapes before Nov 6th. Especially the ones that show us his real self. You know the guy that is a racist; misogynist; homophobe; and ones where he makes fun of his deplorables. Maybe you even have some incriminating collusion discussions of him with Putin.

Please expose this guy for us.

Did Anybody Really Expect Trump To Apologize Or Tone Down His Rhetoric.....

with respect to the Clinton's; Obama; Biden; Maxine; CNN; etc - with respect to these mail bombs.

No - he will double down every time and point any blame elsewhere. The only way we can render this guy impotent is to GOTV on Nov 6th. It needs to be an historic election. More Americans voting in the 2018 Midterms than in any other election in the history of the U.S..

The numbers need to be such that the Repugs can't possibly suppress; steal votes and cheat with Russian influence.


Anybody Think That The Events Of Today Are A Pretext To Postpone Or....

cancel the Midterms? Are we to expect more of the same threats in the next two weeks?

Even When Trump Is Having To Deliver A Statement Like He Did Today....

about the pipe bombs or on the opioid crisis - it's hard to believe he is sincere and that he really means what he says. He's just going through the text someone else provided to him and I don't think he even thinks about what he says in these statements. It's like even when he's not supposed to be lying - that you have to suspect that he's lying and doesn't mean what he says. I just don't believe anything this guy says anymore.

Could The Russians Have Already Penetrated The Early Voting And Begun Their....

interference on the Midterms?

I'm finding it hard to believe that the Repugs have been coming out in record numbers in early voting. Unless these are just the die-hard Trump cultists.

If/When The Dems Win Big On Nov 6th And Trump Blames McConnell & Ryan.....

will there be a showdown between Trump & the Repugs in general? Will McConnell & Ryan just bend over and take the blame? OR Will there finally be a showdown and an acknowledgement by those Repugs that lost their races that their misfortunes were a result of Trump and his insanity and lies?

Will a blue wave be Trump's undoing? OR Will the Repugs circle the wagons around Trump and whatever lies he tells about why the Dems took over the House and/or Senate?

How Did George Soros Get The Reputation For Becoming The Whipping Boy....

for the Repugs/Conservatives?
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