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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,755

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And So The Gloating Will Begin....

Trump and the Repugs will now begin to rub our noses in this.

Trump said we would get tired of winning. I'm exhausted!!!!!

Kavanaugh Is Throwing A Kegger Party At His House.....

after the vote. (sarcasm)

Just Like There Is Talk Of The Repugs Talking Manchin To Switch Parties.....

Do you think that Murkowski can be talked into switching from Repug to Dem?

Has Coons Made Any Statements As To How Flake Conned Him?....

A few days ago Flake and Coons were the golden boys. Bipartisan buddies.

Has Coons commented on Flakes intended vote?

So What Will Trump Say About Flake In 2020 When.....

Flake throws his hat in the ring for the presidency?

It Just Galls Me - Today The MSM Is Playing Monday AM Quarterback And....

everybody knows what went wrong to get us to this point of Kavanaugh being confirmed.

Where was the MSM when this was playing out in real time?

Again - this whole situation - in which we were being played all along and the 'fix was in' - is being normalized and we are just stuck with accepting it.

And everyday - our democracy and government slips further away from us.

Cowards, Cowards, Cowards......

Cowards, cowards, cowards.

She's Voting Yes....

Just based on her first comments.

The MSM Missed An Opportunity For A Question At The Earlier Repug Press Conference Today.....

When Grassley, Hatch, Lee, Cornyn were up talking to the press today it seems to me that the MSM missed a golden opportunity to put them on the spot with the following question:

"Many women's groups; disability rights groups; Jesuits; Educational Institutionals including Kavanaugh's Alma Mater Yale; Law Teachers and Legal Institutions have come out against the confirmation of Kavanaugh. How do you Senators that sit on this Judiciary Committee and the whole of the Republican Senate justify Kavanaugh's confirmation when all these important groups think Kavanaugh shouldn't be confirmed? Surely you must put some credence in what they have recommended and said? How do you justify your actions given this real and credible anti-Kavanaugh sentiment?"

The Media should put these guys on the spot with questions of this nature.

Will The Dems Hold A Press Conference After They've Read The FBI Report?....

The Repugs are really lobbying this report and Kavanaugh's confirmation. This press conference they are holding now is really a con job. Also, I notice that these Repugs in this conference have really become testy as they are fielding questions from the press. Their canned statements were pretty calmly presented - but when they have to start fielding questions from the press - they seem very uneasy and testy.
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