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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
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Have Any Dems Made Any Statements Today After They Had A Chance To Read The FBI Report.....

on Kavanaugh? I haven't had the chance to watch much TV News today yet.

Seriously - I Don't Know How Any Repug Senator Can Look At Themself In A Mirror.....

and not feel disgusted about themselves. Clearly, Kavanaugh, is not suited to be given a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court. They all know that. They know that this so-called FBI Investigation was a sham just done to provide the cover to vote for confirmation.

They also know that Dr. Ford's testimony was credible and that Kavanaugh lied to their faces under oath.

Yet when you hear McConnell's comments this a.m. - they are making Kavanaugh out to look like a saint that was falsely accused. It never fails to amaze me how such an incident can be molded into whatever story that the Repugs want to foster. How easy it is for them to deceive and lie. And with straight faces.

So - now the Repug Senators have the cover they need to force Kavanaugh down our throats. How sad.

I've said before that there is cover in numbers. So far the spotlight has only been on a few Senators - Flake, Collins, Murkowski - as being the potential Senators that would vote no for Kavanaugh. Now it looks like the Repugs and Trump went out of their way to shape this investigation with results that will make it hard for these Senators to vote no.

Yet - I keep coming back to the fact that - how could any of the Repug Senators look at themselves in the mirror and feel good about what they are doing to this country.

It seems to me if they have any conscious at all that they would ban together - remember there is power in numbers - and do the right thing - and vote no for Kavanaugh.

The Repug Party and Trump couldn't possibly go to war with a large group of Repug Senators that would vote no.

They should all take a lead from John McCain - and vote 'thumbs down' on Kavanaugh. They should put Country before Party and do the right thing.

What kind of example are these Repugs setting for the youth of our nation?
That it is easy to manipulate, lie and cheat in order to get ahead. What happened to our principles?

Why Aren't We Hearing From Other Repug Senators About Kavanaugh.....

The MSM keeps talking about Collins, Murkowski and Flake with regards to the Kavanaugh vote. I can understand this because these are the Repug Senators that have expressed some indecision on voting for Kavanaugh's confirmation.

I'm wondering about all the rest of the Repug Senators (not on the Judiciary Committee) whom we haven't heard from.

Since Ford's testimony and Kavanaugh's response to Ford's allegations where he lied to the committee I'm wondering if any other Repug Senators have now had some second thoughts about voting for his confirmation?

Don't you think that they should be questioned about their vote given that Kavanaugh seemingly perjured himself; talked of partisan conspiracy theories and displayed temperament unbecoming of a judge - particularly a SCOTUS judge?

I'm wondering how these other Repug Senators can still justify voting for Kavanaugh's confirmation in light of his latest failings and I'd like to see them be held on the record with their comments on Kavanaugh now that he showed his true colors?

Why Is The Press Only Focused On Three Repug Senators?......

When we hear the talk about the confirmation vote for Kavanaugh coming by the end of this week by McConnell - we still hear the Press only focusing on three Repug Senators - Flake, Collins and Murkowski as the holdouts that could prevent Kavanaugh from being confirmed. Why only those three?

I'm asking this because I don't see the Press putting any pressure on any of the other Repug Senators and making these other Senators have to answer for the obvious lies Kavanaugh recently made about his drinking; the definitions of some of the terms we've seen in his yearbook and calendar; and his temperament in his latest appearance before the Judiciary Committee.

Remember the issue should just not be on the alleged 'sexual assaults' - (he said, she said) but should encompass everything that we should expect of a SCOTUS judge.

It seems to me that the Press should be going around to all the Repug Senators and getting them on the record for how they justify Kavanaugh's obvious lies and temperament.

I'm thinking that there might be other Repug Senators that may be questioning their support of Kavanaugh - but if the Press doesn't get to them and get their statements on record about how they feel about Kavanaugh in light of his latest appearance - that they may be giving those Senators a free pass to vote to confirm.

Am I alone at thinking this or should the Press be more aggressive in this case?
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