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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,716

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Will Romney Stick By His Beliefs That Trump Is A Con-Man And....

refuse any position in the Trump Administration or will he give in to his ego and take a position in the Trump Administration?

I guess we'll get to see what kind of man Romney is here.

DISCUSS: Coup d'etat - A Non-Military, Methodical, Behind The Scenes Coup...

complete with treason, blackmail, voter suppression, vote rigging, pay-offs & promises, foreign influence, media collusion and staged catastrophic U.S. and world events has been on-going for decades and is now being finalized and is in its last stages to change the U.S.A. as we've known it forever.

The stage has been set - you fill in the details as to when and how this started and the pieces that fell into place to get us to where we are today.

When Will Buyers Remorse Set In With Those Who Voted For Trump?....

Already it looks like Trump is not holding to his campaign promises.

I believe that Trump is overwhelmed and doesn't know which way to turn or from whom to take advice from.

He probably can't even remember some of the things he committed to during the campaign. He's beginning to realize that being president is more complicated than he thought and that everyone out there is trying to take advantage of him. They are all out for themselves and their own ego's and pocketbook.

What Trump doesn't realize is that the establishment Repugs (the likes of Ryan & McConnell) will push their own agenda's and if things go south Trump will shoulder the blame.

Trump needs to get serious about being the president and take control and be his own man. Right now he's being pulled in a number of different directions and in this first week he's looking like a fool.

If he doesn't take control and push his own agenda he's going to be all over the place because of all the factions he's putting in place.

If he were smart he should take some advice from Obama as I do believe Obama would provide him with good consul - but I don't think that will happen because of Trump's own ego.

As a result - Trump's presidency will be over before it really starts and 'buyers remorse' will set in quick amongst those who supported him.

Bottom line - we're in for a wild ride and our only hope is that the American People come to their senses by 2018 and begin to give back some control to the Dems.

I Hope This Is The Forum To Bring This Up - EV Petition.....

This is the first chance I've gotten to sit down at the computer since DU came back up. Earlier in the day I found out DU was back up and logged in and changed my Password. Now I'm finally able to try and catch up on the posts here.

I don't know if this was brought up anywhere in the posts today - if it was I haven't stumbled on it yet.

I received an e-mail from a friend to inform me about this Electoral College Vote Petition (see below):

Go to CHANGE.ORG and sign petition for the Electoral College to change their vote(s) In some states they are not allowed to vote other than the outcome of the election in that state but in most states there is not that restriction. Over 3 million have signed the petition already. The Electoral College votes around Dec. 9th.

Is there any there - there? Is this for real? Can the outcome of this election be changed in the Electoral College?

I'm curious as to what the thinking is about this?

Again - I'm not sure if this was the place to post this - but it does deal with the campaign/election/postmortem.

What I Find Amazing Is How Smart The Dems Are A Week After Trump Won The Presidency......

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

We're hearing all the things that the Dems could have done to win. All of a sudden - everyone is an expert on how to win the election. I'm not talking about the DU'ers here that are partaking in this Postmortem - I'm talking about the talking heads and so-called experts on the cable news shows.

We had the best opportunity in my lifetime to win this and pick up the Senate and make a dent in the House - but we blew it. Squandered this opportunity. Why now - does everyone know what we should have done? Where were all these experts on how to win - before we got beat?

Now all I hear is we're going to have to look to the future - but we'll rise from the ashes.

This is what we heard:

Hillary was going to win by a landslide. Hillary was pegged to get between 320 and 370 EV's. We're going to take back the Senate. We might even get lucky and take back the House.

The Repugs are over. They will implode and not be a factor in the future. Too much fighting in the different factions in their Party.

Funny how things turned out so different. The Repugs are now stronger than ever. What a difference a day makes - 24 little hours.

Is Christie Free And Clear Or Does He Have Problems Related To Bridgegate?.....

Can they go after Christie now with respect to Bridgegate? Are his days numbered? Will we see him being marched off to the pokey?

For All You Non-Chicagoans - You Are Missing One Of The Biggest Celebration Parades Of.....

all time. It's being telecast on all the local channels in the area and I've heard estimates of over 2 million people that turned out to celebrate the Cubs first World Series Championship in 108 years!!!!!!!

Go Cubs Go!!!!!

Come On People - It Can't Be Both Ways - I Stopped Watching MSM Cable News & Polls....

now do I have to stop coming to DU as well until Nov 9th?

The Polls this close to the election are all bogus and MSM Cable news wants to make this a horse race for ratings, greed and ad money. So over a week or so ago I stopped watching cable news shows and stopped looking at poll numbers. Both were making me crazy. I took to reading, watching entertaining programs on TV and puttering around the house on all sorts of need to do projects.

And now look at the posts around here - they paint two very different pictures:

1, The race is tightening and Trump is making a surge and will win


2. Hillary is going to win this election on Tuesday by a landslide

It is either one or the other but we're seeing both such posts here at DU.

Which to believe?

Why is DU parroting the same crap as MSM & the polls?

I give up. I surrender.

Do I have to stop coming here to DU now until Nov 9th as well?

Some Sage Advice Here.....

Don't listen to MSM Cable News shows and don't believe the polls these next few days before the election on Tuesday.

Tune in again on Nov 9th - when MSM really starts to spin the next chapter in Repug sandbagging and gridlock.

That's all folks.

Savor in the Cubs win. Watch the parade in Chicago. Be happy for all the 108 years of Cub fans that weren't here to enjoy the win. Think happy thoughts. Enjoy life!!!!

There's No Global Warming - Hell Just Froze Over....

Cubs - Win World Series - World Champions........!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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