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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,874

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Has Bannon Ever Been Mentioned To Be....

interviewed by Mueller? I don't remember hearing his name being mentioned in relation to the Russian investigation. Seems to me that he was right in the middle of all this Russian stuff.

So This Matt Lauer Firing Has Successfully Taken....

the pressure off of Roy Moore.

Could The UN Put Sanctions On Trump & The US?....

And could the resulting pressure force the Repugs to take out Trump?

I'm listening to AM Joe now and getting more worried and depressed by the minute as they talk about Trump's state of mind.

Where In The World Is Matt Lauer?....

No statement yet from Lauer with respect to his being fired.

The Academy Of Motion Pictures Called Me And Told Me They Were Giving Me An Academy Award.....

but I told them I was refusing it.

I told them they should give it to Trump who is trying to act as a president. (sarcasm)

I Understand That Two Days Ago Manafort & Gates Attempted To Legally Change Their Names To....

Drumstick & Wishbone.

So We Learned Today That A Dem Is Worse Than A....


The Corporations Won't Be Re-investing Any $'s From This Tax Bill In Their Businesses .....

because they know that the People can't afford anything that they may be selling. As such - they will be catering to their stockholders.

We'll be in much worse shape - if this bill goes through. Next they'll be coming after Medicare and Social Security as we move into even more of a lopsided economy that favors the wealthy.

Did Rudy Giuliani Have Anything To Do With Wikileaks & HRC's E-mails?....

I seem to recall that he said he "knew something" and that there is "a surprise or two that you are going to hear about in the next few days".

Was this in relation to wikileaks and Don Jr. correspondence with wikileaks?

Just wondering - because one doesn't hear much about Guiliani anymore. He has seemed to have dropped out of existence.

We Can't Let The Repugs Get Away With This Tax Bill Under The Cover Of The Holidays.....

They are purposely using the holidays - between Thanksgiving and New Year's to pass this tax bill - knowing full well that We The People will be focused on the holidays and not politics. They will try and slip this in. We have to stop it. We need to activate now and let them know we won't tolerate this.

I guess this is what Trump meant when he said it will be a Merry Christmas. I guess it will only be a Merry Christmas for the rich and the corps. The rest of us will get a lump of coal.
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