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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,858

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Why Was A Russian Trump Tower So Important To Trump?.....

Why was it so important that he would collude with the Russians and hide the fact that he had or did business with the Russians?

Chuck Todd And His Panel Are Giving Trump And His Evil Cabal A Get Out Of Jail Free Card

They are suggesting the way that Trump will use his pardon powers to keep Manafort and probably all other of his accused accomplices out of jail. They keep on normalizing his actions and basically say Trump will push the envelope into that area that never has been attempted before and will get away with it cause every time he does push the envelope he's been fairly successful.

Trump doesn't need to be a political genius. All he needs to do is listen to the talking heads on these news channels point out ways that he can use to weasel his way out of fixes and then employ these ways.

Sometimes I think that the news channels should be charged along with Trump with obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting Trump. They are pointing the way for him.

Is Whitaker Feeding Trump Info Of The Contents Of The Mueller Report?.....

Seems like Trump is getting cocky about this report. I'm wondering if he has some inside info of its content?

Does Trump Realize He Is The Laughing Stock Of The.....


What Was One Of Obama's Greatest Achievements?

And who else was in the room when the decision was made?

This is why Trump is bringing up Osama Bin Ladin. It's one of those Obama legacy achievements that Trump wants to take away from him.

Stupidity Or Arrogance?.....

Ivanka's use of personal e-mail for WH business?

Is she that stupid - after her Father and the Repugs went after Hillary? Or is she letting us know that as a Trump - they can get away with anything? Basically - is she throwing it in our face?

How Hard Is It For These Evacuation Shelters In California To Record The Names Of People.....

they are housing as they arrive?

I'm blown away by the amounts of people that they claim are missing in the aftermath of the fires. My understanding is that there are a number of evacuation shelters/centers that displaced residents of the area flocking to.

Really - how hard is it for each shelter to have someone with a computer register these people as they arrive at the shelter? With the technology that we have these days - I am surprised that they rely on message boards and hand written notes to search for the missing.

Isn't the Red Cross or some other aid organization (or police, fire or local hospital, etc) in charge of this function.

In my opinion - there is no excuse in 2018 to have such disorganization when it comes to identifying the people that are seeking shelter or are in shelters.

I would think that the people that come to these shelters would want their next of kin or relatives/friends know that they are safe. Registering all the sheltered should be a priority.

There should be a website ready and waiting for disasters such as this - to be able to handle this task and allow those that are running the shelters to post to. It would seem like something that the State of California should have ready and waiting given the potential for disasters to happen in the State (fires, earthquakes, etc).

With Respect To Trump Answering Mueller Questions By Himself - If I Were Trump's Lawyers.....

I would sit him down and give him the questions and say to him - I want you to read these questions and answer each question in your own words. Donald I want you to put down on paper your interpretation of your answers to each question.

We know that Trump lies. We can count on him to lie in answering each question. Getting Trump to answer in his own words allows his lawyers to review each answer and to recognize his lies. This gives them a chance to see that which would get him in trouble and to perhaps point those obvious lies out to him. It gives them a chance to wordsmith his answers (massage them) to smooth over the lies.

It would also give him the opportunity to say that he answered each question by himself. So when Trump today said he answered each question by himself - I believe him.

I got to believe that Trump has even lied to his lawyers and if they were given the task of answering these questions - they really couldn't do it. Either they would be dragged into lying for him and I don't think they want to be in that position or they could possibly make the situation worse.

At least this way - they can do an honest review of his answers and pick out those sensitive parts that would get him in trouble based on what they know about the events that took place.

They are in a no-win situation with a known liar as their client - that compounds the lies every time he speaks or tweets. I think that they are smart enough to know that Trump has even lied to them - his lawyers.

I don't think we'll ever get an opportunity to see the questions or the answers. What we will probably hear about are those answers that contradict other testimony that Mueller got from all his other interviews. We'll learn of the inconsistencies between Trump and the others.

And when the hammer comes down on Trump from Mueller - Trump will just blame his lawyers for their coaching and wordsmithing of his answers. We all know that Trump always needs someone to blame as he does no wrong.

Does Trump Know How To Drive A Car?....

I don't have a reason for asking. Just curious? Ever since I heard he thinks you need an ID to buy cereal I got to wondering if he drives.

Rick Scott Should Be Ashamed Of Himself.....

Voting and tabulating the voting in Florida has been problematic and really manifested itself back in Bush v Gore days. Given that - Scott as Governor of the State should have done something to improve the voting process in the State. He certainly had enough time as Governor to do that.

Here we are in 2018 and it is evident that nothing has been done to improve on the system. It's as bad today as it was almost 20 years ago. In my opinion - Scott has failed as Governor and now he wants to represent the State as a Senator. Come on now. What's wrong with the People of Florida rewarding this guy to represent them as Senator?

He failed as Governor and he'll fail as Senator. He's not interested in doing anything for the People of Florida. He's only in it for himself.
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