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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,724

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All I Can Say About Sessions Firing Is.....

Obstruction of Justice. No question about it.

What Kind Of Damage Can The Repugs And Trump Do Before.....

last nights winners are seated? We have a lame duck Congress now and approximately 3 months before the new Congress takes hold. What kind of funny business could we expect from the Repugs now?

What Happened In Paul Ryan's District?.....

Did it go blue?

Should We Suspect Any Interference By Russians In These Midterms?......

I really haven't heard much talk about Russian influence in the Midterms. Is that because we were wise to it and were watching for it? Or - have they laid off on the Midterms? Or - have they been so meticulate in their funny business that we just didn't detect it? Or - was something done to prevent any Russian influence in this election?

Any thoughts here?

Trump Is A Genius - Why He Isn't Talking About The Economy?....

Because he's letting the MSM do the talking for him. How you ask? Well because every MSM cable news show leads with that question when they talk about this election.

They ask: Why isn't Trump talking about the economy? Then they go on touting the economy and the job numbers and the stock market. What they are doing is talking about the economy for him. They say - that if they were him - he'd talk about the economy.

What he does is 'sow the fear' and he lets the MSM do his economy talking for him

He's using the MSM to do his talking and even though he calls the press 'the enemy of the people' he realizes that they will come off more credible than he would by touting the economy.

Who Coined The Term 'Caravan' In Relation To The Group That's....

marching up from Guatemala? Was this a term cooked up by a Repug Think Tank to be used as a talking point for the Repugs to use to rile up their supporters?

Caravan is not a common word used in relation to a group of people. The only time I've heard the term 'caravan' used was in relation to a group of desert people on camels.

Did the Repugs focus group test the term before they began using it? Or did the term just come up from one of the cable news shows on Fox or another network or newspaper.

Did The Magabomber Construct The Bombs In His....

van. I was traveling when he was caught and hadn't read the details of the bombs he constructed.

I Have To Shut My Cable News Programs Off And Watch Something Else....

The cable news shows are getting nauseating. They keep going over the same stuff - program after program. The talking heads keep saying the same stuff - program after program. How many times do we have to hear this. Kornacki is just annoying. Analyzing and re-analyzing. As far as I'm concerned - the polls they are touting mean nothing this close to the election. The political ads for candidates are driving me crazy. I can't believe that they ever influence anyone given what we know about how they put them together and spin.

Boy - I'll be glad when this election is over. Only 4 more days. GOTV!!!!!!!
Make this election historical. The highest turnout of any election ever before in the U.S. GOTV!!!!!!
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