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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,686

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Sondland Will Finger Trump Today.....

They are reading Sondland's opening statement on MSNBC MJ and it sounds like Trump and crew are going down. The only two names I haven't heard in what they are reading is - Barr and Pence. I wonder if the Dems today - during the testimony - will ask about them.

Without The Ukraine Whistleblower We Would Have Never Heard Of Trump/Guliani Extortion Plot To.....

get dirt on Biden, etc. So the argument that the whistleblower has been proven right by all the other testimony that has come out is not really the issue.

Trump wants the WB outed so he can ruin this persons life because without the WB we would have never had this crime exposed in the first place.

Whatever Happened To Ghislaine Maxwell The Woman Who Allegedly Procured Girls For Epstein?.....

Was she ever caught up with and questioned? Is she still in hiding?

Just wondering now that we've heard that Epstein might have been murdered and we've heard the guards at the jail were asleep.

How Does Nunes Know The TV Ratings Are Way Down?......

Or is he just saying that for effect and for the Fox News viewers?

Will Someone Give That Poor Woman Sitting Behind Volker.....

some Sudafed.

What Is Pence's Office Hiding?....

It's interesting his lawyer had to intervene here.

Looking For An App Or Computer Program To Help Me Organize My Guitar Music.....

Right now I have a binder full of song lyrics with the chord changes above the words. Not chord diagrams but just the letter of the chord. As you might realize - lugging a binder full of music around is a hassle and I recently bought a Microsoft Surface Pro 6.

I'm looking for either an app I can load on the computer or some program - where I can save all my song/chords in some organized fashion where maybe they can be alphabetized for easy access. A bonus would be if I could modify the font size - as my eyes are getting worse with my old age. Also it would be cool if the words would automatically scroll up the screen to prevent me from having to stop playing and manually scrolling to catch the lyrics of the whole song.

I have to believe that there is such an app or software out there to allow me to do this.

I would appreciate any suggestions and reviews and perhaps other features that I may be able to benefit with.

Who Coined The Term 'Never Trumper?' And....

what exactly does it mean?

Used in a sentence: He/she is a 'never Trumper'.

And is a 'Never Trumper' worse than a 'Trumper' that was a 'Trumper' at one time and isn't still a 'Trumper' now?

How Many Others - Like Sondland Are There Out There?

As I understand it Sondland got his Ambassador's job because he donated $1 million to Trump's campaign. Sondland looks like he operated under the radar and we know he was connected to Trump telephonically. He had access to Trump's unsecured phone. He could call Trump directly if he wanted or needed to. Seems very convenient to me if one wanted to work off the grid so to speak. Sondland was able to deliver Trump's wishes to world leaders without using proper secure channels and alerting others in our government to his criminal activities.

My question is are there others out there - Trump Ambassadors - that function like Sondland - that maybe connected to Trump similarly? Are these the people that he says he talks to from time to time? And maybe are they using the same MO of bribery and extortion with other world leaders?

Seems to me somebody might want to follow-up with this.

How many of Trump's Mar-a-Lago members were given ambassadorships?

I couldn't sleep tonight because thoughts like this were running through my brain.

He needs to be impeached out of office so I can finally get a good nights sleep.

Haley Prostitutes Herself For Trump....

I guess everyone has their price.

She has completely given herself and her dignity to and for Trump.

No integrity. She is a lost soul.
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