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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
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Nikki Haley's Use Of The Word "Undermine"......

Definition of the word "Undermine":

- to subvert or weaken insidiously or secretly; to weaken or ruin by degrees.

Thesaurus alternate words:

syn: weaken; attenuate; blunt; cripple; debilitate; disable; enfeeble; sap; unbrace; unstrengthen;

relative terms: wreck; foil; frustrate; thwart.

Thesaurus alternative words for "undermining":

syn: sabotage, subversion, wreckage, wrecking.

I question Haley's choice of the word "undermine" when she talks about how Kelly and Tillerson approached her in relation to Trump. In my opinion she used a very 'negatively charged' word that I don't think was warranted in this situation.

Kelly and Tillerson clearly saw a threat that Trump posed to our country and where reaching out to Haley - not to subvert or weaken Trump - but to prevent Trump (who may not be schooled in government and history) from making bad decisions that could have a very negative impact on our country or democracy.

I don't know if Haley misinterpreted their words or if she now is intentionally trying to make them look bad - like 'subversives' - at the same time making herself look good.

I'm sure Kelly and Tillerson had the best interests of the country in mind and just wanted some consensus in the WH when it came to talking and reasoning with Trump (if he could even be reasoned with). With consensus amongst top advisors in the WH - perhaps they could guide Trump into making more rational decisions and prevent him from making mistakes or making himself look silly.

Maybe for impact and to sell her book - she chose the word 'undermine' on purpose - because it sure generated an impact that maybe she was looking for.

This brings up other questions in my mind.

Who else in the WH did Kelly and Tillerson have this discussion with? Did they approach Pence as well? Are either of these two guys anonymous of book fame?

Bottom line I believe that Haley used the wrong choice of word here and perhaps she could have easily spun this in a more positive way. Unfortunately - she chose loyalty to Trump and her own ambition over loyalty to the country.

Is Bolton Still Scheduled To Testify On Thursday?.....

or did I hear that he won't be appearing either?

Do You Think The Congressional Repugs (House & Senate) ......

really would like to be rid of Trump? Deep down inside one would think they really want that albatross off their back. They can't say that or anything bad about him because they know he will retaliate against them (primary them or just speak badly about them and not offer them any support). They're even afraid that he might win in 2020 so they really need to make him feel like he has their support.

In my opinion they will have a chance to dump him with this impeachment - but do you think they have the courage to vote for his impeachment. I've always said - there is power in numbers. If they stick together they can remove him from office.

It's going to be interesting to see what ultimately plays out.
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