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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
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Maybe Bernie Should Forego Campaigning Against Hillary And Start Campaigning Against The Repugs.....

He should turn things upside down a bit.

If he is going to be accused of negative campaigning against Hillary - then he should go all out negative against the Repugs instead.

The ultimate negative ad would be something like this:

Is this the future you want to believe in?

Let our country's infrastructure deteriorate even more than it has. Promote fossil fuels. Give more tax breaks to corporations so they can continue to ship jobs overseas. Make it harder for workers to join unions so they can be taken advantage of with low wages and decreased benefits. Do away with the concept of minimum wage altogether. Make sure women continue to earn less than men. Pass trade bills like TPP to put us in a further disadvantage and keep jobs overseas. Make sure our college graduates never get out of debt. Make it even harder for those that seek a college education to afford one. Shore up the big banks and let them get even bigger. Rescind the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) and let the insurance companies take more advantage of us. Let Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid fail and further put our seniors in poverty and die untimely deaths. Continue loopholes so that more corporations can get on the bandwagon to not pay U.S. Federal Income taxes. Promote war and send more of our treasures (in money and lives) to fight for the 1% and their greed. Give up more of our privacy based on fear talk. Build fences. Overturn Roe vs Wade.

That's not the future I want my children and grandchildren to live in.

Vote for Bernie for a Real Future You Can Believe In.

Just a thought. Any additions to this ad or other ideas?

Jeb's Suspension Speech.....

If I was a person that was hired to lead and run a campaign for a political figure - the first thing that I would do is ask this political figure that hired me to do is to sit down and write a concession speech/suspension of campaign speech. This would be the first order of business to complete - even before the campaign would begin.

If Jeb would have sounded like he did when he delivered that suspension speech on Saturday evening - from the start of his campaign - I believe he would still be in the race.

He actually sounded pretty relaxed and sincere and I believe it presented him in the best light since the beginning of his campaign.

So again - what I would do is ask any political figure to go through the exercise of thinking through what they would like to say should they suspend their campaign or have to deliver a concession speech. I think it gets them in a mindset as to what the importance was for them to enter the race in the first place and it grounds them on what it means for them to win or lose. I think if they keep those thoughts in their minds right from the start - that it actually makes the whole experience more important for them and guides all their responses in town halls, debates and interviews.

Hillary Clinton Got $280,000 for One Speech to Bruce Raunerís Former Firm...

This was posted in general discussion primaries. I thought it should be posted here in the Illinois group as well.

Check out this post & thread - the OP is chock filled with interesting info.


Did Marco Rubio Near The Finish Of His Speech Tonight Say Something About A 'New American Century'..

Was he signaling something?

Did Morgan Freeman Really Endorse Hillary Or Was He Paid To Do A Commercial?....

I'm just wondering with all the baggage that Hillary has - how she happens to get the endorsements that she gets.

I mean - even Brittany Spears. Come on.....

Was Hillary Lying When She Answered The Question If She Ever Lied To The American....

People? She tried to tell the truth? Was she still trying when she answered that question.

With All Due Respect - MSNBC Show - The Bernie Interview Was Great....

A lot of questions thrown at Bernie and he handled each and every one of them well. He never ducks a question and he never ceases to amaze me.

Go Bernie!!!

Feel the Bern!!!!!

All Bets Are Off For The 2016 Elections.....

The American People have had a low opinion of Congress and though the Dems score a little higher than the Repugs - The People are finally getting the message that they have been had by both Parties.

This 2016 election will be transformational. The People know they have the opportunity to put the Bush's & the Clinton's behind them for good. So I don't think either Jeb or Hillary will make it to the finals. Unless TPTB pull some strings and make the 'presumptive nominees' the party candidates. If that happens - you will see the lowest voter turnout ever. It will take the wind out of the sails of the millennials and just reconfirm their beliefs that their vote, their lives - don't count.

The Repugs reaction to Scalia's passing and the nomination and approval of a replacement SC judge - was a knee jerk reaction. It is typical partisan politics which The People are sick of. In my opinion it puts the Repugs down ticket candidates in great peril. This decision on the part of the Party leaders - I believe will swing the balance of the Senate back to the Dems.

Trump and Bernie will be the party candidates - and that will make the 2016 election historic in the fact that you will see the biggest voter turnout ever for a General Election.

In my opinion for the down party candidates it will be 'every man/woman for themselves'. The Repug party is going to sit on its Senator's to support the party line and not support an Obama nominee for SCOTUS. That will cause a lot of consternation to those Senator's in tight races - trying to save their jobs in the blue and highly contested states.

The Dem party sitting on their people to support Hillary - will cause a lot of consternation on its people running for election or re-election as well. If these candidates are smart - they too will do their own thing in order to save their jobs.

Bottom line - The People are fed up. They are looking to this election to turn the tide and throw out the Establishment. That is why this election will be transformational and hopefully change the climate in D.C. to one of more cooperation - to do what is right for the country and the People and not succumb to the whims of the 1%.

This is going to be an 'enough is enough' election.

Let the chips fall where they may.

I Guess MSNBC Hasn't Gotten The Message Yet - Tweety Is Doing A One-On-One Hillary Interview....

tonight. I guess 'conflict of interest' doesn't mean anything to MSNBC. Tweety's wife is running for Congress as a Dem and has endorsed Hillary. She is also receiving donations from Clinton alumni.

That explains why Tweety is talking up Hillary any chance he gets and slamming Bernie any chance he gets.

How fair do you think this interview will be with Hillary tonight?

Has Anyone In MSM Asked McConnell Or Any Repug....

vying for the Repug nomination if the shoe was on the other foot and there was a Repug president in office now and they had the opportunity to nominate a SC judge how they would like it if the Dems said this is an election year and we'll have to wait 11 months for the next president to make the appointment?

How do you think a president Rubio, Cruz, Bush, Kasich, Carson or Trump would handle this? What would they do?
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