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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
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Has Hillary Wrapping Her Arms Around Obama .....

cast a shadow over Obama. A lot of people don't trust and really dislike Hillary. I'm wondering if by a halo effect that the President is suffering because of her. If that be the case - how much longer will the President support her.

I know he hasn't really endorsed her - but Jay Carney - his former press secretary - has indicated that he would like her to succeed him. If she is hurting his legacy I question that decision.

Rev. Al Sharpton Is On MSNBC.....

is there any doubt who he will be endorsing?

My Rant For Today.....

I responded with this rant on a post that stated that Harry Reid made a comment about a possible 'brokered' convention. It kind of got buried in the rash of responses to that thread and I just thought that it might be a good stand alone post by itself. Here it is:

Interesting Comment By Reid About A Possible Brokered Convention - It makes one wonder what motivated it. Does he know that something is about to come down that will tank Hillary? Do the internal polls show that Hillary- their establishment candidate - is losing it? Are they that afraid of Bernie? Are they just interested in protecting their own jobs? Do TPTB have such a control over our current elected officials that this kind of talk is ok?

If it comes to a brokered convention and they attempt to sandbag Bernie - it will turn on the Dems and they will surely give the Presidency over to the Repugs.

Hillary is a flawed candidate to begin with. She has her staunch supporters and she has her enemies. It will be very hard for her to pick up any additional support going forward. People are locked in on their feelings about her. You either like her or dislike her.

Bernie on the other hand is something of a phenomena. He has captured the hearts of not only lifetime Dems that know what this country was like before the Reagan years but he has wakened a fire in millennials that look to their future under the current conditions and see it as being futile.

The quickest way to turn the millennials off is to sandbag Bernie. Right now the millennials believe that their future is clouded by the status quo and that no matter what they do - their vote doesn't count. Bernie has given them hope. They believe in the 'Political Revolution' that it's going to take to change that. They have become interested and involved politically. They are seeing firsthand the hypocrisy of the status quo candidates and they have rallied around Bernie - because he offers them a way to take on the system and to provide a better future for themselves. He gives them 'hope' like Obama gave 'hope' to the Black community.

Think back to 2007-8 when Obama was campaigning against Hillary. If the Dems would have attempted a 'brokered' convention to end around Obama - we would have had a McCain in the White House. There would have been such a backlash against the Dems and a mass exodus of Blacks from the Party. They would have sat out the election.

That is what will happen this time around if the Dems push for a brokered convention to sandbag Bernie. The millennials will be so disillusioned with the process - they will sit out the election and the Repugs will wind up with the Presidency. Hell - the Dems would lose the millennials altogether. The Millennials are the new Blacks.

Us seasoned Dems would hold our nose and vote for Hillary because we know the importance of the Supreme Court appointees. But the millennials will just see - like Bernie says - that the system is just rigged against them.

I know there is a lot at stake for 2016. The Dems really need to start thinking about The People they are supposedly elected to serve versus their Corporate and 1% money backers and their own jobs. One would think that our current elected officials would welcome a 'Political Revolution' - 'A We The People Revolution' - that could aid them in shaking the hold that the 'monied' have on them.

The message both Parties should be receiving is that the electorate is fed up with the status quo and not going to take it anymore. That is why the Repugs are rallying around a Trump - because he offers the Repugs some hope from their status quo candidates.

The time has come for a major transformative change to our government. If both Parties are talking this early in the process of a 'brokered' convention - what kind of message does that send to the electorate - The People - who they are telling - vote - cause your vote counts.

I'm really on a rant here - sorry for that. But at the very beginning of this primary season - we were told who the 'presumptive nominees' were for both Parties. TPTB want a Bush v Clinton race - because they know that they could live with either in the WH. They were stacking the deck right from the beginning. Both Trump and Bernie are putting a crimp in their plans and they are now looking for contingencies should they not get the candidates of their choice.

Why do you think Bush hasn't dropped out with all his gaffs and misspeaks? Why does he still have all that money backing him? Why is Hillary getting so many endorsements - many that don't make sense that the people endorsing her would endorse her. And don't even ask about what the MSM has done to help this cause.

It's looking more and more each day that comes to pass that we're heading for a Bush v Clinton general election. We shouldn't let that happen. It's time - WE THE PEOPLE - took back control of our government.

Go Bernie!!!!

Feel The Bern!!!!!

I See Where Bernie Called For Lifting The Cap On Social Security......

check out one of my ideas for a campaign to get this done.

Here is a link to one of my previous posts:


A Question: A Term That Keeps Coming Up In The Primaries Is 'Oligarchy' Do You Think.....

the average American knows what the definition of that term is and should those that use it define or explain it in more simpler terms?

I'll Ask Again - Has Anyone Heard From DWS Yet?.....

I didn't see her on the cable channels last night after the polls closed. So far I haven't heard any of the cable channels this morning comment on any statement that she might have made about last nights historic NH primary. Did I just miss this or does she have to coordinate her statement with Hillary's campaign?

Did We Hear From DWS At All?...

Did she show up on any of the cable news shows after the polls closed? Any statements by her?

How Soon After All These Speeches Will MSNBC Start Talking About Hillary....

again and try to lift her up?

Tweety Looks Like He Is Ready To Cry....

His face was contorted. He was grimaced. He looked like hell. He's really taking this Hillary loss hard.

Feel The Bern.....

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