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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,857

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How Is Bernie Doing In Nevada?....

I'm hearing talk about South Carolina - but isn't Nevada next after NH?

Headline: Chump Trump On The Stump Hits A Bump......

that's if Dr.Suess is reporting it.

Bill Just Said - Hillary's The Best Change Maker.....

Why? - because she needs to change the big money dollars into coins - that she can flip to win elections.

Is that what it comes down to - win the presidency by the flip of a coin?

We deserve better than that.

Go Bernie!!!!
Feel the Bern!!!!

Looks Like Trump 'Bought The Farm' Last Night.....

though he said in his concession speech that he's thinking about buying a farm in Iowa.

Anyone That Uses The Excuse That Their 'One Vote' Doesn't Count Just Needs To Look At....

what went down in Iowa. This message needs to be hammered home to all Americans going forward in any of the remaining primaries and the general election. See how important your 'one vote' is. A couple of additional 'one votes' could have put Bernie on top. Another way to look at it is a couple of additional 'one votes' put Hillary on top. So your 'one vote' is important. It's so important that the 1%er's and big money donors are spending a lot of their money to buy your 'one vote'. In some states they are spending a lot of their money working to suppress your 'one vote' to take away the opportunity to vote your 'one vote'.

So bottom line we have to work hard going forward making the point how much your 'one vote' counts.

Also a message to all the young voters that showed up in Iowa. Thanks!!!!! The future is yours. You needed to get involved and need to tell all your peers to get involved politically as well. Why? - because the decisions you make politically now will have ramifications on the rest of your life.

I'm embarrassed to say when I was your age - I didn't get involved politically. I was way too into starting my life and my career. This was at the time that Reagan won. Look at how his presidency shaped my life for me - for us. He was the starting point for the decline of the middle class and his legacy has affected you and me until today. I regret not taking interest in what was going on around me at the time and have been kicking myself ever since I discovered the errors in my way.

Don't look back when your my age and have similar regrets - similar embarrassment.

Bernie could be a transformational President just like Reagan was transformational. Bernie could undo all that Reagan and the Repug presidents that came after him have done to us. So - to the youth - get involved politically. Help yourself by helping Bernie get elected.
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