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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
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Where These People Coached Before This Went Live?....

Almost sounds like it.

I Challenge Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, Warren Buffett - Hell Jimmy Buffett....

and all wealthy anti-gun advocates to donate some of their millions to these Parkland Students. We've already had some very notable celebrities donate to their cause - why don't we try and see if we could solicit donations to match or surpass the money that the NRA has at their disposal and fight fire with fire.

Let's grade our Congress and State and Local politicians on their ability to support gun reform legislation. Let's primary those pro-gun politicians out of office.

Let's beat the NRA at their own game.

Suggestions To The Students Of Parkland School For Organizing Going Forward.....

Listening to the speeches being giving by these students - I must say they do their teachers proud. These students are very eloquent and are stating their case very cogently.

Going forward I'd like to see these students work to organize an effort that becomes even more formidable. As youths - they have all the energy and time to do an effective job and when they become serious about an issue - they have the ability to keep on pushing.

I would like to start off in this thread some suggestions that I have that can make their mission more effective and I hope that others here on DU put forth some additional suggestions.

Form committee's of students and give each committee a mission:

Committee 1: to research out and better understand all the anti-gun groups in the U.S.
- review the websites of all these groups to determine their main goal or mission
- gather all the names and contact info of the principals of each group
- contact these principals and attempt to establish common ground
- organize a summit of all these groups
- push to unite as many of these groups under on umbrella as there is strength in numbers

Committee 2: determine all the State and Local politicians that support gun reform
- seek out all those state an local office holders and those seeking office and contact them
- support these people and get them to support you

Committee 3: determine all the State and Local politicians that are pro-gun
- put them on notice that the students will do everything in their power to unseat them
- formalize that notice in written form

Committee 4: garner support from parents, relatives, neighbors, etc; organize a voter registration program in the State
- register Floridians to vote; initiate a massive GOTV program

Committee 5: contact other high schools in the State and get them to work along with this program

They have received money from some very important people - they have the dollars to take this mission forward and as they do they have the ability to raise even more money to achieve their mission.

If you have any additional suggestions for these students - please list them here in this thread. If someone has the ability to get these suggestions to these students that would be appreciated.

These are just a few suggestions that I put forth to the students of the Parkland School to help them better organize going forward. I must say they already are doing a wonderful job and I trust that they will keep it up. I'm probably being to brash to even begin to make these suggestions - but I do believe in their mission and feel deeply about the effect that this horrible experience has had on them and their parents.

I Learned This Morning That There Are A Number Of Anti-Gun Groups...

in the U.S. There is power in numbers. They all need to come together as one group if they want to take on the NRA and gun reform. Right now they are fragmented and though well meaning - they are weak in getting the message out.

If they all came together and spoke as one formidable voice - they would be more effective. There is strength in numbers. I'd venture to say that in coming together - they would have more members than the NRA.

I hope the students take up the mission to organize all these anti-gun groups under one umbrella. This would be the greatest contribution these students could make to the cause.

On edit: The other major contribution these students can make is to GOTV with the message to make the Nov 2018 Midterms historic - with the largest voter turnout in the history of U.S. elections. That would certainly send a message to the lawmakers.

These Young Adults From The Parkland School Stared Death In The Eyes....

they lived through the horror. The lost classmates, friends and teachers. As they evacuated the school they saw fellow students - dead - lying in pools of blood. They will be scarred for life. It is no wonder that they have gotten so vocal about gun reform and the NRA. They speak for themselves and those that died in this horror. They also speak for the children that died those that lived through the same horror at Sandy Hook - who were too young to speak out like these young adults at Parkland.

My only hope is that these students from this Parkland school will mobilize high school students all around the country and be relentless with their messaging to the Repugs that take money from the NRA and the NRA itself. Let them communicate to the American People that the NRA is essentially a terrorist organization. I hope they shame all the politicians that are in the pocket of the NRA and if they get no support from them to stop - that they work to remove them from office. Let these young adults from Parkland send a message that is stronger than the hold that the NRA has over these money grubbing politicians.

I support these young adults. They are smart and eloquent. They are social media savvy. Let's hope they use social media as effectively as the Russians did.

When Were Toy Guns Taken Off The Market?....

Aren't kids being kicked out of school for drawing a gun or pointing with their hand/fingers that they are pretending to use a gun.

So all these toy guns and pretend guns are worse than real guns that do in fact kill?

I just don't get it.

Every Day That Passes By - Trump Is Making Himself Look Guilty....

With every tweet. With every utterance. More and more guilty by the day.

This Russian Hacking Indictment Makes It Real Hard For Trump To Fire.....

Rosenstein or Mueller now. If Trump does fire them - he really would look guilty and that he is obstructing and trying to hide something.

With Respect To The NRA - We Need To Fight Fire With Fire....

Why can't we form a counter organiztion of American People that want legitimate gun reform. Raise membership money to equal or surpass that of the NRA and use that money to fund our Congress (Senate & House) to legislate gun reform. If they don't work with such an organization - use that money to primary them - kick them out of Congress - and vote in those men/women that will support gun reform. We can grade all of Congress - just like the NRA does - as to their level of support of gun reform.

Play the NRA's game on their playing field - and beat them at their own game.

Now That We Know How The Russians Conducted Their Interference....

with the 2016 election thru the details Mueller put in this indictment - could we use that info to thwart their efforts for 2018 & 2020?
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