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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,686

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Has Either Trump Or Trump Jr Commented On Letter With White Powder.....

sending his daughter-in-law/wife to the hospital? Have they released the content of the accompanying letter?

If the answer to both of these questions is no - are you surprised?

I Understand Kushner Still Hasn't Received Security Clearance.....

If anyone in the WH is subject to blackmail or bribery - it's Kushner.

Hey Donald - See How Relaxed Obama Is - He's Having Fun Now That He's No Longer.....

president. You too can have fun and be relaxed. All you need to do is resign.

RE: Security Clearances....

Wouldn't you think that the FBI would prioritize their process to make sure that the people closest to Trump would be investigated and either cleared or denied first? Case in point - Porter and Kushner.

Tlllerson Acknowledging Russia Hacking Elections ....

and it will still happen in 2018. - he is giving cover to the Repugs in the States to vote tamper and cheat - and then blame it on the Russians.

We're all expecting this blue wave in Nov but if nothing proactive is being done - watch for the Repugs to retain their power base.

It is in Trump's best interest not to do anything re: election tampering - cause he wants to retain his power base.

When HRC got 3 mil more popular votes he blamed it on immigrants and double voting.

Why isn't anyone in the MSM saying that the States have been given cover to mess with the Nov election - so it can be blamed on the Russians.

Am I the only one that sees this coming?

Somebody Should Ask Trump How It Feels To Be....

the most hated person in the world.

Tillerson Saying Russians Are Going To Interfere In 2018 Is.....

sending a message to all the States. He is telegraphing to the Repugs in the States to tamper with the votes - we'll just blame any tampering on the Russians. He's providing cover for them to cheat and steal the election and say it was the Russians.

Are We Going To Learn In The Next Few Days That Rachel Brand Was.....

forced out by Trump?

So - What's Next For DACA?.....

Do the Dems have anything left to deal with?

Rand Paul Is Worried About The Deficit Now....

Why wasn't he carping when the Repugs passed the 'tax scam' a couple of weeks ago?

Didn't that add 1.5 Trillion to the deficit?
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