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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,686

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How Long Did Porter Carry This 'Interim' Clearance Status.....

Has it been since Trump took office over a year ago or did Porter get his position more recently?

I can't believe that it takes that long to get security clearance - especially someone working in the WH and so close to the president.

One would think the WH would get expedited action on security clearance and it would be fast tracked.

Nothing Done To Prevent Russia From Interfering In The Nov. 2018 Election.....

It's been acknowledged by members of the current administration that the Russians hacked into States and interfered with the 2016 election. You even had Tillerson speak to that yesterday.

In my opinion - they are giving cover to the Russians to do the same or worse in 2018 - and they are also giving cover to sympathetic Repugs in the States to mess around with the voting process.

The Repugs are up against the wall Even they fear the approaching Blue Wave that will allow the Dems to take back control of the House and maybe even the Senate.

I expect that all sorts of interfering will go on in the 2018 elections - and a bulk of the interfering will actually come from Repugs in the States to steal the election. We already know they have gerrymandering going for them. They have a number of voter suppression programs in place in the States - and now - by members of the current administration pointing fingers at Russia - they have given cover to the States for them to meddle with the voter registration and voter processes in the States to steal this election and blame it on the Russians.

Did Steele Know That He Was Being Paid From A Dem Or Hillary Account?.....

I thought he was hired by a third party company - was it Fusion GPS and they paid him.

In The Falcon Heavy Launch - I Saw Two Of The Booster Rockets Return To Earth.....

and land. I thought there were supposed to be three rockets returning to earth and I've not seen nor heard of the third rocket successfully landing. Did it? Any pics?

Why Did Trump End DACA In The First Place?.....

I understand - based on Morning Joe - that Trump ended DACA in September. Why did he do that considering he's at times since then talked glowingly of the Dreamers?

He created the situation we are now in. This could have been avoided and we could have only been talking about comprehensive immigration reform and not involved the DACA people as that aspect of this was taken care of.

What Would Happen If The Pentagon Refused Trump's Request For A Parade?.....

What would happen to anyone that would refuse to do the crazy things Trump demands?

Why doesn't anyone stand up to this guy?

Isn't It Just More Confirmation That Trump Is Guilty If His Lawyers....

are worried that he'd lie or perjure himself if he sat for an interview with Mueller?

In my opinion - Trump's lawyers are making Trump out to look guilty.

How Is Fox Treating This Market Fall?....

Have they even mentioned Trump in their explanation?

Trump's Tweet On Adam Schiff This A.M. Is....

intended to discredit the Dem Response Memo in case and before it gets released to the public. Now I realize that Trump has something to do with the release - but I think he is trying a pre-emptive strike on it because he's thinking that the Dems will release it anyway if he doesn't approve it gets released.

So if an when it gets released - he can say to his base and point to his tweet - that accuses Schiff that he is a liar and a leaker and say - 'see, I told you so'.

The Two Announcers That Called Last Nights Game....

were clearly biased in favor of the Patriots & Brady. I had to turn down the sound cause I couldn't take their continuing fawning for the Pats. They kept on going over the two controversial plays hoping each would be called back. It was apparent to me they would have preferred a different outcome for the game. It was a great game. One for the history books. Well played by both teams. After the game they still had to replay those two calls - they had a hard time giving the Eagles their due.
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