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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,755

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When Obama Was A Candidate For President In 2007/8 Did He Address AIPAC?....

and if he did - what did he say and how was he received?

I Heard That Hillary Spoke Before AIPAC This Morning - What Did She Have To Say About Iran?....

I'm not sure where to post this as I'm totally confused as to what goes where now on DU - but I thought that I post it here.

Mitt Romney Will Be The Repugs Brokered Candidate....

He's been positioning for this since he gave his Dump Trump speech. He's taking Kasich & Cruz for fools. He's using them to deny Trump the delegates he needs for the nomination. Because of their egos they think he is supporting them. He will walk out of Cleveland as the compromise nominee without spending a penny for the nomination and the Repug Party will unite behind him.

Has Anyone Else Heard That Some Of The Super's & Early Endorsers Of Hillary Are....

having second thoughts? I heard talk that because of the recent gaffs, misspeaks, etc by Hillary - the Nancy Reagan Aids thing; the comment that no Americans were killed in Libya; defending vote for the Iraq War as a favor for President Bush helping New York after 9/11; barking like a dog; not releasing her Goldman Sachs transcripts; the looming FBI investigation; etc - that some of the super delegates are having second thoughts about endorsing her so early in the process.

He said some are thinking that maybe the grind and the pressure of campaigning is causing her to talk before she thinks and that some of these incidences will be used in negative ads by the Repugs. They are feeling that negative ads featuring things she actually said or did could be used against her and be effective and cause her to lose the GE. And this is the reason that they are putting pressure on the Bernie campaign to suspend - to save her from any additional embarrassment.

They are worried that if the primary battle lingers on that she'll make even more gaffs. This was one of the reasons that DWS and the DNC scheduled the South - where she had the most strength - early on so that she could wrap up the nomination fast. And this is the reason that the debates were cut and put on days when most people might not be watching. They posited that she is her own worst enemy. They didn't anticipate Bernie to be so strong. They miscalculated Bernie's bid for the nomination and didn't think that he'd be able to have the staying power.

....Help Me Here - Isn't In Her Best Interest That Bernie Stays In Till The Convention......

If Hillary supporters are so confident that Hillary has this thing wrapped up - then it seems to me they shouldn't want Bernie to drop out of this race before the convention. Why?

Here's what I think. Bernie staying in this - gives Hillary an opportunity to share her platform with all the rest of the states and get much exposure to voters that would be having to make the decision to vote between her and whomever the Repugs wind up with as their nominee.

Bernie allows her to have this exposure to half the country. That to me is a positive. If they and she are so confident that she will ultimately wind up as the nominee - they shouldn't have any problem with having her get this exposure. My only conclusion as to why they want Bernie out of this race this early in the process is that they don't have the confidence in their candidate that she can actually win.

The other reason that this should go on until the convention is because as soon as and if Bernie drops out - the Repugs will unleash all their attack dogs, campaign ads and money - to do everything possible to create a negative sentiment in this country against Hillary. Do they want that to happen this early in the process? I would want to minimize the time that the Repugs have to negative campaign against her or any Dem nominee.

My Horoscope For Today.....

Unforeseen troubles which occasionally result in a sense of defeat are short-lived so you mustn't allow this temporary setback to cause you depression or any sort of distress.

How do they know this stuff?

I think there is a message in this horoscope for all of us Bernie Supporters.

Go Bernie!!!

Feel The Bern!!!!

A Message To Bernie, His Campaign Staff And The Bernie Volunteers All Over This Country....

Don't give up. Don't let anyone talk you out of this race. Don't let them say you should suspend your campaign. Stay in this until the end and every vote is counted and every delegate is accounted for. I was proud Bernie to cast my vote for you today in Illinois. It was the proudest moment of my life. Thank you for letting me experience that and now you need to let all your other supporters in all the states and primary's to come - feel that same proud moment as well.

We are the revolution and you are our leader. We need you to keep building on the foundation you've laid since you decided to run for the Presidency. Look at what you accomplished in such a short time and there still is a lot of time and a lot of states left to accomplish more.

We will continue to support your campaign so you can continue to carry the message forward and reach more and more Americans in the process.

We have already won because you've changed the mindset of a vast amount of Americans. We can't let the establishment get the better of us and we have to keep in mind the future of the millennials that Feel the Bern and their children and grandchildren.

We're with you Bernie. Stay in the race.

Just Heard On A Promo To The 10PM Chicago News....

Massive Metra delays causes many suburbans to miss getting to the polls before they closed.

As such - they were not able to vote.

Hmmmm...could this be a dirty trick?

Isn't It Wonderful That We Are A Peace All Over The World And There Is No Other News To Report?....

Seriously - what happened to the news. I'm just hearing 24/7 discussion and reporting of the election results here. How many different ways can they analyze this election? How many times are they going to ask the same questions to talking heads? How many times are they going to go over the same info - on and on and on?

Every hour they have a new news show - they keep going over the same things ad infinitum. I can't take it anymore. I surrender.

So Did Hillary Release The Transcripts Yet?....

I wonder if after she delivers a speech to the 1%er's and the Banksters - if she ends with "I'm Hillary Clinton and I approve this message?
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