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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,686

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I Just Experienced The Proudest Moment Of My Life.....

I voted for Bernie in the Illinois Primary. Bernie is a once in a lifetime candidate and I'm proud to say that I voted for him today.

Go Bernie!!!

Feel the Bern!!!!


If You Were At The Bernie Rally Last Night In Chicago....

Tell us about it. When did he finally arrive? How big was the crowd? What time did it end?

I couldn't make it down there and the live feeds sucked. So I would just like to experience it through somebody that actually attended.

How Stupid Is Kasich....

Romney didn't endorse Kasich but is pushing Ohio voters to vote for Kasich so the Repug convention goes up for grabs and Mitt gets the nomination. Mitt is using Kasich. Pretty stupid on the part of Kasich.

I hope Kasich was at least smart enough to negotiate a VP slot for himself in a Mitt run.

Illinois Berner's - Don't Let Hillary Send Bill Into Your Polling Place....

to shake hands. Don't let them turn their noses up to our laws in Illinois.

Go Bernie!!!

Feel the Bern!!!!

When A Governor Like Kasich Says That He Brought Jobs To Ohio.....

how much of that is because of President Obama's efforts and how much is because of Kasich's efforts?

The unemployment rate has gone down all over the country and isn't Kasich taking credit for something that he really didn't have much to do with?

Looks Like The MSM Is Following Trump Around The Country Today To Air All His Appearances....

they had him on earlier from Dayton, Ohio and now they are awaiting him to arrive at his next stop - Cleveland.

It's all Trump - all the time now. What is the MSM trying to accomplish by this?

Somebody Needs To Get To Joy Reid From MSNBC As She Has Got The Location Of The Cancelled Rally....

last night wrong. She keeps saying - the far south side campus - and that is the University of Chicago. That is not where the Trump rally was to be held or cancelled last night. The rally was held on the campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago - aka the Chicago Circle Campus. This is a near West Side campus just west of the loop or downtown Chicago.

I've heard her a couple of times this morning get it wrong.

Will The 2016 Republican National Convention In Cleveland In July Overshadow The 1968....

Democratic Convention in Chicago? I hope that Cleveland doesn't have a Mayor like Richard J. Daley. All sorts of factions seem to be coming together. The Repug Party itself is fractured and is discussing a brokered convention. Trump is fueling the flames of discontent amongst the electorate. The MSM seems to be fomenting violence for ratings.

I'm really worried that this convention will erupt.

The Media Vultures Are Out Just Hoping For More Violence At A Trump Event.....

It's breaking news that Trump is expected to speak at a rally in Ohio soon. Again they will give Trump the stage to spew more of his hatred and fan the flames. They are goading the Trump supporters, the Trump protesters and Trump.

It is really sick watching what is happening right under our noses. This is not entertainment folks. The MSM is inciting violence on purpose for ratings and money.

Trump And Social Security....

Trump has been saying that he will save Social Security. Has he given any indication as to how he will do that? What's beginning to worry me is that he is saying some things that have appeal to Dems and even the millennials.

I'm just listening to this Ben Carson endorsement of Trump and the press conference that followed. Some of the things that they are saying are contrary to the establishment Repug Party traditional stands. This is most probably why the establishment Repug Party wants to dump Trump. However, if they embrace Trump and allow him to be the Party nominee - it appears that Trump will have an impact on changing the Repug Party and tacking them more to the center than far right and grabbing independents and disenchanted Dems.

Both Trump and Carson took some shots at Hillary in this press conference - and some of the points that they made appear that they could have an impact on Hillary if she is the nominee. Trump being self-funding and saying he will not be bought by the money donors - will haunt Hillary - as it is now with Bernie not taking money from the Pac's, 1%, etc. Trump on trade policy and his negotiation skills also will hurt her in comparison.

I'm sorry - but Hillary to me (especially after her last debate performance) is a flawed candidate in my opinion. If she winds up the Dem nominee she might well lose to Trump.

I got to think that Bernie is the only one that can take on Trump and win.
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