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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,749

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Did MSNBC Do A Post Debate Analysis Last Night After The Dem Debate?......

When I flipped over to MSNBC - they still had the Rubio town hall on. I didn't want to watch that so I went to bed. I was just wondering if they had their normal panel of talking heads on talking about Bernie and Hillary after the debate.

Sanders Best For The Economy - Check This Video Out From CNBC....

The velocity of money - lesson:


Will Bernie Be In The Chicago Area Before The March 15th Primary?....

Is he going to be making any appearances in the Chicago area in the near future?

When Hillary Talks About Her Work On Hillarycare....

Does that backfire on her? She was unsuccessful at that attempt. Now I give her credit for trying - but she failed.

Everytime she brings this up - the little voice in the back of my head says - she failed. I'm not so sure that that is something that helps her case. Am I being too critical here?

I Find It Kind Of Humorous That CNN Is Treating David Gregory As A Political Guru...

they even introduce him as 'former host of Meet The Press'.

So The Headline Today Is Not 'Bernie Understands The Electorate' But...

it is 'Hillary Misunderstood The Electorate'. Instead of giving Bernie the lead - they again put their focus on Hillary.

And it still pisses me off that they count the Supers when they show the delegate count. Take them out of the equation and this race is close.

New Repug Plan If Trump Wins The Nomination.....

They will sit on him to take an establishment candidate as a VP and if Trump should win the Presidency (not) shortly after they will start impeachment proceedings against him. (I'm trying to imitate the Onion here folks).

So Is Anybody In Flint Going To Sue The....

lead pipe manufacturers?

I Just Heard That Arnold Endorsed Kasich....

I wonder how that went over with Trump as Arnold is Trump's replacement on The Apprentice?

Not That I Want To Give Trump Any Ideas Here - But After Listening To Tonights Debate I......

can't figure out why Trump doesn't say to these guys that attack him on his business dealings that - he is functioning under the laws that they gave him. If it deals with eminent domain, bankruptcy, hiring foreign workers, getting his ties/clothes made in China, etc - he's a businessman first and he took advantage of the rules of the game that they created for people like him - the 1%. Of course as a businessman he's in it to make money. He'd be stupid if he didn't. And if you guys that are Senators don't like what I did - change the laws so people like me can't get away with that.

But now that I'm on the other side and running for President - I know where the problems lie and I'm going to change things so that the system can't be taken advantage of.

This is what the establishment Repugs don't want to hear. They in fact are the con artists and they're trying to con The People that they care about them when in reality they just want to protect the things that they are criticizing Trump of doing for the 1%'ers.

Golly - how convoluted and confounding. The very things the Repug Party stands for - they are criticizing Trump for doing.

They are totally afraid of him becoming the nominee and heaven forbid the President - because they can't control him and he is a time bomb just waiting to go off and change things.

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