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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,755

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Just Think About How Different The Complexion Of The 2016 Election Would Have Been If....

the Democratic Party would have put as much effort around Bernie Sanders from the start instead of Hillary. With the enthusiasm of The People that Bernie has without their backing - just think what it would be like and how the voter turnout would be different now.

The Repug Establishment Is Attacking Trump On Eminent Domain & Bankruptcy....

But aren't the Repugs responsible for botsound support both so their rich cronies can benefit from both?

When Will Trump Bring Up The Fact That All The Repug Candidates Pledged That They....

would support the nominee of the Party? If I recall right - they put the pledge out there because they were concerned that Trump might launch into a 3rd party candidacy. Now when it looks like Trump might become the nominee - it appears that the Party is reneging on this pledge themselves. The ironic thing now is that if they do try to pull a fast one on Trump at the convention - that they might be pushing him into running as a 3rd party candidate.

MSNBC Was Just Discussing With Ben Ginsberg As To How To Steal The Repug Party's Nominee...

away from the will of the American People if the primary winner is Trump.

This is just disgusting. They win when they lose - even within their own Party.

Trump should just pull out of the Repug Party and run a 3rd Party candidacy.

They deserve it.

Did Hillary Release The Transcripts Yet?.....

Hey Hillary - I want to know that you're not telling me one thing and the Bankster's something else. Oh - and I hear you are going to have some fundraisers with the lobbyists for NRA and Goldman Sachs.

What are you going to give away this time?

I Ran Across Something Yesterday That Scared The Hell Out Of Me.....

I had to travel and I took a taxi to the airport. The driver was an American that lost his white collar job and because of his age mid-50's - he couldn't find another one. Being pressed against the wall - he took a job as a taxi driver to pay his bills and put food on the table for his family. Needless to say he was really bitter and most of his animosity was aimed toward Congress that is gridlocked and partisan. He felt that they could move things for the better - but because of politics - they became a joke in his eyes.

Well - he said he is going to vote for Trump. He felt that if Congress is a joke they might as well have a joker to deal with as President. He said this is not his sentiment alone - that he's got friends, relatives and colleagues that feel the same way. He says this accounts for the support that Trump is having all around the country.

Kind of scary - isn't it.

I was flabbergasted and he wouldn't listen to reason as to what is at stake in 2016.
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