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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,874

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How Does The Post Office Lose $1.50 On Average ......

every time it delivers an Amazon package - per Trump's tweet this morning? What is he talking about?

The Anderson Cooper CBS Stormy Daniels Interview Got Higher Ratings Than Roseanne.....

According to Nielsen, the CBS newsmagazine interview of Stormy D averaged 22.1 million viewers for Sunday's show and the revival of Roseanne's sitcom drew 18.2 million viewers.

Trump is taking credit for Roseanne's ratings but he might have spoke too soon. It was a highly promoted show with ABC promoting it months in advance of its airing with appearances of Barr and Goodman on a number of shows talking it up. It got a lot of press before it aired.

We should wait for subsequent episodes to see if it holds its audience. My guess is that it will trail off because of Roseanne's politics and mouth. She's already put her foot in it with her Nazi comment of David Hogg. Trump didn't help her ratings for taking credit for the ratings of that show either.

Now the Stormy Daniels ratings were really something and I think they are more of an indicator of what the country is feeling.

Just Once I'd Like To See Them Find The Treasure On One Of These.....

treasure shows. How many seasons has Curse of Oak Island had? In order to fill in the whole hour of the program - they keep repeating the same stuff over and over again. And I like Curse of Oak Island.

Now they're giving us Curse of Civil War Gold - which really is a weak program. The stupid leads these guys follow up on and the obvious questions they fail to ask or probe deeper with.

And Marty Lagina - from Oak Island fame is tying his name to this Civil War Gold show. He's funding these guys - because they found a silver confederate coin.

Wouldn't you like to see one of these shows - just hit it big and find the treasure or gold?

I guess I'm a sucker for these shows - but I'm beginning to think I could make better use of my time.

One Question I've Always Had About Trump's Tax Returns.....

what has the IRS done to review them? Isn't it the job of the IRS to ferret out fraud in people's tax returns? The IRS has had Trump's filings - personal and business for years. Why haven't they uncovered money laundering, fraud, etc in his filings? Why are we now hanging our hats on Mueller having Trump's returns and finding these inconsistencies?

Hasn't the IRS done its job over the years?

The NRA And The Repugs Are The Greatest Recruiting Tools For.....

the Dems for the 2018 Nov Midterms - thanks to the Parkland Students and the movement that they have created.

We Need To Have An Historic Voter Turnout For The Nov 2018 Election....

It needs to be the biggest voter turnout in U.S. history for any election. We need to send a meaningful message to the Repugs & Trump. GOTV!!!!!!

What Criteria Does The NRA Use To Rate Congress?.....

And should the students use that criteria in reverse to do a similar rating of the best in Congress for gun reform?

Give the American People something to base their vote on.

Do You Think There Are More People Today In Washington D.C. Than.....

were at Trump's inaugural?

Woodstock Defined A Generation......

Bumpstock is defining another.

These Students Have Drained The Swamp As....

Trump & Congress fled DC like the cowards that they are. Like rats abandoning a sinking ship.
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