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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,721

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I Hope Someone In DC Takes Pictures Of All The Creative Signs.....

being carried by the students at this march. They should be put together as a slide show and posted on the Internet. These signs are creative and really get the message across. Many of these students can get jobs in the advertisng business.

Why Have The Dems Been Quiet On DACA As Of Late?.....

What is the strategy?

It's Time For The Grown Ups In Washington D.C. To Step Up And.....

put a stop to this madman.

The March For Our Lives Just Took On Another Meaning Today.....

I wonder if those people that voted for Trump bargained for a 'war'. Are they willing to send their kids to fight a Trump/Bolton war? Is that what they wanted?

War - What Is It Good For - Absolutely Nothing......

We're In For A Wild Ride This Weekend.....

The March for Life - all over the U.S. promises to be big.

The Stormy Daniels interview.

And whatever Trump decides to do to distract from these two events.

Did I Hear Right That 'Drain The Swamp', 'Build The Wall' & 'Crooked Hillary' All....

were creations of CA? They were provided for Trump to use in his campaigning? CA created and managed Trump's campaign and Trump was just their puppet?

With All This Info Coming Out About CA - It Is Frightening As To How Pervasive The.....

interfering with the 2016 election was. Mueller has his hands full with this investigation and like an onion - he peeling additional layers.

There was so much going on with that election, with Trump's people before the nomination, during the run-up to the election and then his administration after he took office - Mueller's job seems to get more and more complicated on a day to day basis.

It looks like he is going to uncover all kinds of crap happening and being attributed to people and countries all around the world. I don't know if he'll ever finish this investigation.

How Much Time Is Trump Spending On His Lawyers & Defense And....

how much time is he spending on presidenting?

My guess that he is so obsessed with protecting himself and his brand that he is on the phone talking to people he calls to get their advice; watching TV (Faux News); tweeting; talking to his lawyers; scheming with his family; golfing; campaigning for 2020; more than he is doing his job as pResident.

Is The Deep State Really Putin, Russia & .....

Trump and his Party that collude with Putin and the Russian mafia.

Trump just turns that around and suggests that the Deep State is after him - all the while he is working with the Deep State.
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