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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,877

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Who Is Bernie's Pick For Attorney General In Illinois?....

I haven't come across hos recommendation.

How Guilty Must Trump Be For Him To Be Acting So Much More....

erratic than usual? The circle is drawing closer and closer to Trump each day. He'll only get worse. He's really feeling the heat now.

Have Any Prominent Repugs Weighed In On The McCabe Firing Yet?.....

What are Ryan, McConnell, McCain, etc saying about the McCabe firing? How is Faux News covering this story?

Why Would Anyone Take A Job With The Trump Administration?.....

I just don't get it. Why would a person risk their reputation on Trump? After it is all said and done and Trump no longer is pResident - would you want to add your stint with the Trump Administration to your resume?

I've Made Up My Mind On The Dem Governor's Race....

I was caught up with Pritzker - as he started to campaign early and his ads were impressive. As the competition heated up and he began to take on the others - I began to see his true colors. He's finally getting challenged to the point that he has not answered the hard questions and is walking away from the press. It's become very evident that he's trying to buy his way into the Governorship.

With respect to Kennedy - I'm not exactly sure where he came from. I don't recall hearing much about Kennedy before this race. Again - wealthy and he sees and opportunity to buy his way into the Governorship.

The more and more I see and hear about Biss - the more I hear him talk - the more I'm liking him. I've made my decision - I'm going to vote for Biss because of all the candidates - he is more like me and more for people like me.

MSNBC In Their Screen Crawl Is Saying An Estimated 185,000 Students From 3100 Schools.....

walked out of school yesterday to protest gun violence. I think they are purposely underestimating the number of students that were involved in this walk out. If you divide the # of schools into their estimate of students - you get only 60 students per school.

If you watched the coverage of this walkout - I think you'd see that there were more than just 60 students per school out there protesting.

Now why would they make such a visible underestimate?

Any Word On Voter Turnout Yesterday In The PA18 Election?....

I hadn't heard anything this morning yet.

I Wish All The Anti-Gun And Pro Gun Reform Groups Come Together With This Student Movement....

because there is power in numbers. If all come together they will be more formidable than the NRA and they can stop the NRA in its tracks.

I Am So Proud Of These Youths Marching Today And....

it gives me great hope for the future of this country. I only hope that the Dems are smart enough to embrace the youth and capture theirs hearts and minds for the future of the Dem Party.

The Repugs are learning a hard lesson today. Their loyalty to the NRA will lose them future voters and may very well be the end of the Repug Party.

Is Trump's Constant Cabinet Shake-ups His Way Of....

preventing a 25th Amendment cabinet mutiny to remove him from the pResidency?

Keep putting his loyals on the cabinet. Good way to keep them from coming together to depose him.
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