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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,749

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Can't Wait To See Trump's Tweets....

He's got to be throwing a fit if he's watching the Global Citizen concert.

WHO & the UN were featured. Laura Bush & Michelle Obama were featured.

The final blow that could send him over the top is if Rosie O'Donald showed up.

Somebody Please Make This T-Shirt....

Wear A Mask

Save your life and mine!!!

A Question About Covid Testing.....

My understanding is that the Covid test is a depiction of that moment in time that the test is done.

So a person might get the test and learn that the results say he/she tested negative for the virus (i.e., doesn't have the virus).

That person could come out of this testing with a good feeling and a sense of security that they don't have the virus and could feel embolden that they can ease up on social distancing or ease up on self isolation/stay at home orders and go to a grocery store and pick up the virus while shopping soon after they receive the results of this test.

If another test was then given to this person a few days later - they could test positive.

Am I understanding this correctly? Being tested is only good for that moment in time that one was tested. A second test a few days to a week later could yield different results depending on how one takes precautions of preventing on picking up the virus.

Will we have to continue taking multiple tests until a vaccine becomes available to make sure we are virus-free? So really there is no assurance that if you learn a person tested negative for the virus - that they didn't pick up the virus after the time that they received the results of that test?

Fauci & Brix Failed Us....

They are unable to talk Trump out of restarting the economy. His plan is going to kill more Americans and will result in a second wave of the virus thereby making it necessary to extend the time we will have to self isolate. It will cause another run on stores with people stocking up on supplies. This time worse than the original run on the stores.

We are doomed.

Should Businesses That Are Open Be Required To Inform Us If They Had Anyone Working For Them That...

tested positive for Covid-19, was sent home because they have Covid-19 or had an employee die as a result of the virus.

I'm talking about the grocery stores, pharmacies, big-box stores, etc - that we're still allowed to shop at.

I would like to know this information before I decide whether or not to visit an establishment. I don't want one of these establishments to potentially expose me to the virus. If I had this info - I might choose to go elsewhere.

Has anyone else thought about this?

Trumps Hair....

looked white or grey today.

Is he dying it so it looks like he is stress aging as he negotiates us through this crisis?

Remember how they say a president ages in office. Obama's hair turned grey as he proceeded through his 8 years in office.

I'm thinking Trump is doing this to get sympathy from his base.

A Good Way To Visualize How This Virus Spreads In The Air Is.....

to watch how smoke from a cigarette acts as it is blown into the air.

At least you can see and smell the smoke. The virus is invisible and as a result - more insidious and much more dangerous to our health.

A 54 Car Pile-Up On A Chicago Expressway This Morning........

We've had some snow overnight which resulted in a 54 car crash on the Kennedy Expressway. People were injured and taken to the hospital. No deaths - thank God. The word is that this accident was caused because people were speeding and driving - not taking the condition of the roads.

I just wanted to say something about the way people are driving on the Chicago Expressways since we've gotten the word to 'stay-at-home'.

On weekends I visit a Senior to check on her. Buy groceries and cook some meals for the week for her. There are not a lot of cars on the roads because of the stay at home orders and those drivers that are still on the roads are driving crazily. It seems like the average speed limit on these roads now is 75 mph. I guess people feel because of the lack of traffic - they can speed.

I'm actually afraid to travel on the expressways here because of the recklessness of these drivers. I don't know if this is just happening in the Chicago Area or if others are experiencing this in other areas of the country.

BUT PEOPLE - SLOW DOWN!!!!!! You are endangering the lives of people around you.

It's bad enough that we have to deal with the fear of this virus. Now we have to also take our lives into our hands when we travel around the city as well.

What's wrong with people? Why are they so careless with their lives and the lives of others?

I just don't get it.

Please drive the speed limit - PLEASE.

Just How Much Of The Economy Is Shut Down?

I know the entertainment, shopping, restaurant and travel industry is - but there is a portion of the economy that is still functioning. Has anybody took a stab at the percentage of the economy that is still running to that which is shut?

I kind of looking for a number like X% of the economy is still functioning. Do we know that number?

Dr. Fauci And Dr. Brix Haven't Done Their Job If.....

they can't convince Trump that it is a bad idea to try and re-start the economy too soon.

The way I view Fauci and Brix - is that they work for the American People. If Trump goes ahead with his plan to re-start the economy too soon - Fauci and Brix failed us.

I'm sorry - that's just the way I feel now.

Trump went too far today with defunding the WHO and annointing a task force to move on the economy at the expense of the People of this country and their Public Health.
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