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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,716

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Here's A Sure Way That Trump Can't Lose In November....

He should announce that he's not running for re-election.

At least he won't have to face the humiliation of a landslide vote for Biden and losing both the House and the Senate.

We Must Not Support Any Of The Corporations That Will Have A CEO....

on this committee to restart the economy. By going along with Trump on this they are endangering American lives for their greed. Don't they understand this virus is here to stay until we get a vaccine or some medications to fight it. People will die. It's almost like Trump wants to hit those astronomical numbers of deaths that experts have predicted if this crisis is mis-managed.

These CEO's have to be made to realize that re-starting the economy too soon will result into a second spike of deaths. Many people will let their guard down. They will get the coronovirus. They will infect others and many will die.

Unless Trump Can Assure Me That I Won't Get Covid-19 - I'm Not Going Out....

to any sports events; restaurants; shopping malls; theatre's - no large gatherings of people. I won't fly on an airplane or take a cruise or even a bus or train.

I don't know if I'd go to a grocery store or pharmacy.

Trump trying to open the economy is asking for trouble. I believe most people are like me and it will be a long time before we get the confidence to re-start life as it was before this virus.

I believe Trump is going to cause a second peaking of cases and deaths if he pushes to open the country up before it's absolutely safe.

I hope the experts talk him out of it. I hope the States don't go along with Trump.

What's The Status Of The Congress Reps & Senators That Either Have Or Have Been Exposed To Covid-19?

I haven't heard any status update on these people. Are they still in quarantine? What's up?

Planning Must Begin Now To Determine How We Will Vaccinate 380 Million Americans When.....

a vaccine becomes available.

Look at the issues we have right now to do testing of 380 million Americans. They don't have enough tests. They are running out of reagents to do the testing. Trump is talking about reducing or ending funding for testing. He's leaving it to the States. Confusion reigns. They are talking about a second peak of the virus which will require additional testing. If they want to restart the economy they want to allow some to go back to work. Testing will be required to determine who those people are.

Right now - my assessment of testing is that it is utter chaos.

I ask - do we want to go through all this again - when a vaccine becomes available in a year or 18 months?

I don't. So we need to start planning now to develop a plan to vaccinate 380 million Americans most efficiently without the same confusion/same chaos we have with testing.

And that means we need to think ahead as to how we will be able to manufacture 380 milliion doses. We need to make sure that we have the required components available to be able to administer 380 million doses (i.e., syringes, needles, vials, rubber stoppers, caps, alcohol swabs, etc). These are items we will need if the vaccine is an injectable dosage form.

Then we need to determine how those doses will be distributed across America. Once they are available in the States - where will these be available for the public to receive a dose. Who will administer the doses (do we need to train additional people to do the administration?). How will we be able to do that orderly to avoid lines; waiting times; turmoil in the lines; etc)

And - mind you - we are only talking about distribution and administration in the United States. This vaccine needs to be available to the whole world. All nations. All people.

Yes - now is the time to begin to plan ahead for this unavoidable and hopefully - final step in the evolution and the eradication of this virus - to render it gone or at least controllable.

The federal government, state and local governments, the CDC, local health departments, pharmaceutical manufacturers, health device manufacturers (syringes/needles); delivery vehicles - the containers that the vaccine will be placed in (i.e., vials, rubber stoppers, caps, labeling, etc), distribution channels (i.e., how will the vaccine be distributed across the country) all must be included in the planning.

Again - we need to start this planning now or if it is not well thought out - we'll be facing shortages, rationing, making determinations as to who will receive what is available and even more additional time to live through this crisis before we get back to some 'new normal'.

If Your Not Doing Adequate Testing For The Coronovirus Wouldn't You Expect....

the curve to dip? If you're not testing people and if people are asking to be tested because they suspect that they have Covid-19 and are told that they can't be tested - you are not detecting any new cases of Covid-19.

Isn't that why a dip is being detected in new cases of Covid-19?

Is this being done on purpose so that Trump can say he can get the country going sooner/faster?

Are they trying to lull us into a false sense of security?

The Damage Is Done & Nothing Will Be Able To Reverse It.....

I'm referring to the firing of the Aircraft Carrier Captain that wanted to care for his crew and the Acting Secretary of the Navy piling on and criticizing him.

We all know that both were ordered by Trump because Trump cannot let someone criticize him. So he took out the Captain and had the Acting Sec of Navy seal the deal with a nasty review of the Captain.

The damage that was done by this is that I believe finally our military is beginning to see how much Trump really cares for them. All his talk about how he honors the military is just a bunch of BS so that he can get them to vote for him.

Now that Trump sees the support that this Captain had by his crew and by the bad press given to him by having this Captain fired - he is trying to pass the blame on to the Acting Sec of the Navy - and now thinking that having him resign will make things all better. It won't. The damage is done Donnie.

Now all the military finally can see the real Donald Trump and his total disregard for anyone but himself. Some Commander-In-Chief you are Trump. Just a disgrace!!!!

Trump is just going down the line and destroying any support he's had with all kinds of groups.

If this is what he calls campaigning - he's campaigning to lose in November.

Some People Watch These Daily Trump Pressers/Rallies Like They Watch A NASCAR Race...

Some watch NASCAR Races just for the car crashes.

Some watch the Trump Pressers/Rallies to see Trump crash and burn.

I don't think he realizes that these Pressers are having a negative effect on him now. Most people got his number. He's a narcissistic pathological liar that craves attention looking to blame everyone else for his incompetence and criminality.

He's too stupid to realize that they have a negative effect on him.

He's taking himself down because as people watch the daily news and numbers of deaths mounting up from this virus crisis - they are realizing that Trump's so-called management of this crisis is killing Americans. Everyday - with his words and actions - he illustrates just how incompetent he is. Now he's even starting to lose his base.

How Long Before Trump Fires Fauci?....

Just watch Trump's face when Fauci is asked a question. He holds his breath when Fauci answers. He's got to comment on Fauci's answers most of the time. Trump is just waiting for an opportunity to fire Fauci.

We should have a pool as to when that will happen.

I Hope Plans Are Being Made Now For How All Americans Will Get A Vaccine When It Becomes Available..

Right now planning should be happening to anticipate the availability of a vaccine. How will the country mobilize to make sure:

1. that enough doses are available for every American - free and at no charge
2. how the vaccine will be distributed throughout the U.S. - competently with expedience
3. where it will be available in every community; ideally multiple facilities in every community
4. that there are enough ancillary supplies available to assure that it could be administered to everyone without any chance for a shortage of equipment needed to administer (i.e., syringes, needles, etc)
5. to avoid excessive lines - some orderly method to get people to the point of administration
6. a method to track who received the vaccination and to identify those that didn't

Based on the track record of the Trump Administration in handling of this crisis - such planning needs to happen as soon as possible. I'm hoping that this topic is brought up in Congress and Congress institute a Commission to coordinate the administration of a Covid-19 vaccination when and if available.

I was a Boy Scout in my younger days. I live by the motto: Be Prepared!!!!

Somehow - I don't think Trump was a Boy Scout.
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