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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,755

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Did Trump Himself Have To Fill Out Security Clearance Forms?......

Just listening to a DVR of Rachael's Show from last night and she is talking about Sessions, Flynn and Kushner failing to list any meetings they had with Russia on these 'security clearance forms'. This begged the question for me - did Trump have to frill out this 'security clearance form' as well? As president or president-elect - he might not have been required to maybe. But as candidate Trump - after he won the Repug primary and during the run-up to the Nov election - might he have been required to fill out a 'security clearance form' and if so - did he list any meetings with Russia that he might have had - or did he not cite that info.

I'm curious now after listening to Rachael.

Can't Sleep - Got To Thinking - Do The Koch Brothers Have Russian Ties?.....

just asking!!!!

Another Nail In The Repugs Coffin For 2018 Midterm Elections....

the Trump/Repug budget.

Just Remember People Of The World.....

he's a liar. Whatever he says - you can't believe because he'll tell you what you want to hear just because he wants you to like him. Look what he's done to the people of his own country.

Bigger Than 9/11.....

Yesterday I met with a group of my male friends - all of us in our mid 60's to 72. We hung together our whole lives. We met at a pizza joint for pizza's and beer and like any group of guys our age we talked about our health status, our children and grandchildren; and what we're doing to keep active in our retirement.

Unfortunately - the elephant in the room couldn't be avoided and we got into a political discussion of the events leading up to where we are today. Now we all lived through the Kennedy's and King assassination's. Watergate. Iran-Contra. 9/11 and everything in between. We've seen and experienced it all. Politically - we're all on the same page. Solid Dems with some dissent on some of the things the Dems do or don't do. But pretty much solid Dems

The conversation came around to what our current situation compares to - and to a man - we all said in it beyond comparison to all of what we experienced. We are paving new ground here. And it is scarier than anything we've experienced in our lives.

One chap tried to draw comparisons to 9/11. Though we all agreed over 3000 Americans died and we were attacked within our borders and that it was a watershed event in the history of our country - again to a man - it is felt that the Russians interfering with our election was a bigger attack than 9/11. It goes right to the core of our democracy and what our military all through our history fought for to keep sacred. We came to the conclusion that it is bigger than 9/11.

The same chap then went on to bring MIHOP and LIHOP into the conversation. (made it happen on purpose and let it happen on purpose)

He likened MIHOP to collusion by Trump, Trump's team and Repugs. That they willfully involved themselves with the Russians to sway the election into Trump and the Repugs. He likened LIHOP to - well they maybe didn't collude with the Russians - but they did nothing to dissuade them from interfering and took advantage of the situation.

The conversation went on to independent investigations and that seemed to be the way the events discussed above were always handled. We all came to the conclusion that this is what should happen now to get to the bottom of the Russian/Trump thingy.

The fact that no matter what kind of circumstantial evidence or coincidences have occurred throughout this unfolding scandal; no matter what Trump steps in that looks like obstruction of justice - the Repugs always circle the wagons and come to Trump's aid and protect him.

One of our guys - posed the following - that this thingy must be so big and so many people must be involved in this Russian thingy that they are doing everything in their power to obfuscate, stall and cover-up.

We finished our pizza's and beer. Hugged each other til our next meeting and went our separate ways. Needless to say - I didn't sleep well last night and that lack of sleep and worry caused me to put this post together.

I'm curious as to whether or not you think a group of old-timers are just out of their minds like Trump or if we're on to something.

I would like to hear your comments.

Donald Trump Tweeted This Today.....

I have been asking Director Comey & others, from the beginning of my administration, to find the LEAKERS in the intelligence community.....

The way things are looking now - you better be careful of what you are asking for Mr. Trump. You might get just what you asked for.

The Russian Pee Video - the FBI might have it. They might have found your LEAKERS!!!!!

If Trump Is Impeached Will The Collusion Investigations.....

still move forward? Will we get his taxes? Will they stay on the backs of Flynn, Page, Manafort and the rest of the cast of characters like Session, Bannon, Kushner, Pribus, etc, etc, etc?

I Finally Agree With Trump On Something - I Believe He Is Right That....

he could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters.

Everyday we hear of another disaster Trump creates for himself or tweets by himself. We hear of his and his campaign staff and WH staff collusion with Russia. He thumbs his nose at us with respect to his taxes; not divesting himself of his business that is no doubt a conflict of interest. And now it looks like he's going to wiggle out of this leaking of classified intelligence.

Everyday - I become more demoralized by all this and with all this crashing around him - the Repugs circle their wagons and protect him and his supporters become stronger.

I don't know how much more of this I can take.

So Am I Understanding This Right - Trump Is Off The Hook But....

the person or persons that leaked this story to WaPo is the criminal?

Is that how they are spinning this?

Where Are The Dems On This Trump Intelligence Leak?......

you can bet your boots if the shoe was on the other foot - the Repugs would be on all newscasts 24/7 raising hell and calling for impeachment. They would be relentless.

Why aren't the Dems making more of this?
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