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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,721

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What Strikes Me Is How Bad The White House Is In Running The Government But..

how good they are in covering up this Russian thingy.

Does Anyone Think Trump Did This To Give Him An Excuse To Resign The Presidency?.....

Is he looking for a way out. He says he didn't think it would be this hard. He recently expressed that he missed his pre-presidency life. Do you think that he's just pushing the envelope here to illicit so much push back on him that it would give him an opportunity to step down?

Just a thought!!!!

Has Anyone Ventured Over To Faux News To See....

their take on the Comey firing?

If The Repugs Want To Keep Their Jobs In 2018 They Have....

to support with the Dems an independent special prosecutor and investigation of this Trump/Russia matter. If not - the massacre we saw today of Comey getting axed will be small potatoes to the massacre they'll experience in 2018.

Trump is becoming the undoing of the Repug Party and will ultimately contribute to their demise.

I Only Hope That I Live Long Enough To See The Movie Of Trump's Downfall.....

A while back I watched the Bernie Maddoff movie complete with his empire unraveling and his family's demise.

I would like to know who I would have to obtain movie rights from - because I believe it would be a blockbuster - bigger than Titanic.

In casting the movie - I know for sure I would have Nicole Kidman play Ivanka.

I'm open for the casting of the other players. Who do you think would play other important players in this story.

And don't say Alec Baldwin for Trump. I'd like to keep him as the comic Trump and cast somebody that wouldn't make us think of SNL's Trump.

How Are People That Worked In The Trump Campaign, In The Transition And Now.....

working in the Trump White House sleeping tonight after today's testimony?

So Where Is Pence In All This?....

Is he off the hook or don't we have enough info yet to determine if he knows more than he says he does?

Who First Coined The Term "Fake News"?......

Is this strictly a Trump creation or was this a thing before Trump (BT)?

Is There A Physician Assigned To The White House And The President?......

and has Trump had his annual physical yet? I believe that for past Presidents that results of their physical was made public.

Will we be hearing anything about this with respect to Trump?

Is Trump And His Staff (Campaign & WH) On A 'Collusion Course' With The FBI?......

When does Yates testify? When are we going to get to the bottom of this Russian thing?

I hope it's soon - because every passing day is scarier than the last. TrumpCo has done immeasurable damage to this country already. He's got to be stopped before it becomes irreversible.

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