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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,686

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When Will Our Military Realize That They Are Fighting For....

the wealthy and the corporations?

On Trump's EO Of Today On Religious Freedom - If You Can't Beat'm Join'm....

Let's start a new religion - The Church of Anti-Trump. We would get a tax exemption and we can raise money tax free and preach anti-Trump dogma from our pulpit. Anyone know how to start a religion?

We need to take advantage of his generosity to religious organizations.

Are you with me?

Like Trump Does - The Repugs Just Grabbed The American People By The.....

well you know what........

Is There Still A Chance That There Will Be Repug Defections When The Bill Comes To The Floor?.....

Will at the last minute some Repugs chicken out and vote no?

What gun is being held to their heads to vote yes on this?

How Many Healthcare Jobs Will Be Lost If This Repeal....

of ACA goes through? Has this been projected?

Call Your Congressman/Woman Tonight & Tommorrow....

there is still time to get them to vote no if they realize they will lose their jobs. Don't give up - we can make them back off of this yet.

If 20 million Americans lose their healthcare insurance we can assure that enough Repug House members will lose their job in 2018.

Stand up to them!!!! Resist!!!!

Am I Interpreting Comey Correctly In His Conceal Or Reveal Explanation That....

he was willing to incur the wrath of the Dems by revealing what he learned - but he was unwilling to incur the wrath of the Repugs if he concealed what he learned if that information in fact would have come out at a later date.

Think about that. If he would have kept silent and the Repugs would have learned at a later date that he had info that he didn't disclose - think about how the Repugs would have reacted if the shoe were on the other foot.

I'm thinking he weighed the consequences and he chose to take the easy way out.
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