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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,687

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My Theory With Nancy, the Dems & Impeachment......

Nancy and the Dems know that when 'impeachment' gets to the Senate that they won't have the votes to see it through ridding us of Trump. Mitch and the Repugs will - 'circle the wagons' for Trump and give Trump the ability to say that he was exonerated in the Senate. (That's what he is counting on.)

My theory is that Nancy and the Dem's want to build up as solid of a case of obstruction and criminality against Trump - that even the Repugs can't deny and talk their way out of. If they try and talk their way around - Nancy and the Dem's will unload on the Repugs and make them very uncomfortable to stick behind Trump - because the evidence would be so overwhelming.

At best - the Dem's will make such an issue of the Repugs protecting Trump - that they'll suffer at the ballot box in 2020.

So when it comes to the 'impeachment' vote in the Senate - the Repugs will have to go along with voting for 'impeachment' or it will be very evident that the Repugs are hypocrites and aiding and abetting Trump's crimes.

Any thoughts on this theory?

Given All The Court Cases That Are Going Against Trump - How Soon....

will we begin to see his taxes and the bank financial records?

Kind Of Dumb On Trump's Part......

I believe that the Dems were giving Trump a gift with 'infrastructure'. Cooperating with him by the Dems - IMHO - would have given Trump a feather in his cap as infrastructure spending would further energize the economy; stimulate all kinds of manufacturing (i.e., building supplies, machinery, etc) and create a crap load of jobs. He could have really made hay of 'infrastructure' - but I believe he's squandered the opportunity. He could have taken credit for all of that.

Now - it will turn out to be another failure of his administration. Another so-called 'promise' that will not be realized by him.

Infrastructure will have to wait until the Dems win back the WH. Take the Senate and maintain the House - all in 2020. Trump just gave the Dems running for the nomination another platform to run on.

The American People are craving 'infrastructure rebuilding' and it will be the Dems that will deliver on that.

I Guess Repug Women Never Get Raped Or....

experience complications in pregnancy to themselves or their baby. So Repugs will be responsible for maintaining or maybe even increasing the U.S. birthrate. Surely - Repug women in Alabama will not need to be concerned with the new Abortion law.


It's Time For Another Nationwide Women's March......

even bigger this time than the last time.

Send a message to Trump and the Repugs.

How Come Tim Kaine Didn't Throw His Hat In The Ring For The Dem....

nomination? I'm kinda surprised. After all he was on the ticket in 2016 as VP. Wouldn't you think he'd be interested given the fact that Hillary and him had won the popular vote?

I Know Trump Wants To Be Known As A 'War President' And Figures....

that will help him get re-elected and also give him a good excuse to maybe duck debates with the Dem nominee. He also feels that the American People come to rally around the President if we're at war.

I don't know if this will work for Trump though.

What I question is - Do the American People want a war? - a war with Iran.

My guess is that 'we the people' are warred out. Thank you G.W.Bush & Co.

Also - will the American People really buy Trump's reasoning for conducting a war against Iran. He single-handedly killed Obama's efforts and deal he had with Iran. The other signature's on the treaty with Iran - still honor it.

Trump is a know liar. He's lying about Iran too.

And do the American People want any more of our soldiers to be deployed in another unnecessary war? Do they want to send their sons, daughters, husbands, wives, relatives to a sham of a war? Do they want any more money to be diverted to war efforts?

My guess is that the American People will soundly protest any war with Iran.

And if Trump continues to march down that path - that he will be doing so at his own peril. I don't think the American People will support him - know matter what kind of justification he provides - and I think it will cause him to lose in 2020.

What are your thoughts?

Will The Don Jr. Testimony To The Senate Committee Be.....

behind closed doors or will it be televised for all of us to watch and decide for ourselves how honest Trump Jr. will be?

Who Controls Impeachment Proceedings In The Senate......

should it go that far?

I know that impeachment starts in the House - which is Dem controlled. But what happens when and if it gets to the Senate? Are the Dems still in control? Do they control the timing of the impeachment events that happen in the Senate or because the Senate is Repug controlled - does McConnell have anything to do with it and can he call for the impeachment vote in the Senate at anytime?

I don't know if I'd heard this topic discussed.

Did Trump Tell Don Jr. - Don't Worry I'll Get You Off The Hook....

I'll start a war as a distraction.

Trump's got a number of options. Iran, Venezuela, N. Korea, China, the Dems, etc.
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