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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,686

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If And When Trump's Current Taxes Become Public......

at the request of the House Dem Committee - will they have the same impact if the NYT article about his past taxes 1984 to 1995 hadn't been published?

Will the American People - having been exposed to his great losses $1 Billion and the reasons he lost so much - really care about any additional news about his more current taxes?

Has this whole 'Trump Taxes' thing just become normalized?

Will the American People be desensitized to any release of additional info? Does the NYT article maybe help Trump a bit?

Is anyone surprised that Trump didn't have a more violent tweet reaction to the NYT article? Didn't we all think he'd go ballistic today?

Trump's New Book.....

"Winning By Losing"

Thank You NYT's - You Made Me Realized I'm Better Than Trump.....

I haven't lost anywhere near the money he's lost.

A Living Obituary.......

This idea struck me today as I read Richard Lugar's obit in The Week (a weekly news magazine that I receive). Overall - fortunately for Lugar - it was a pretty complimentary accounting of Lugar's political career.

Now getting to my idea.

I heard Mitch McConnell today move to put the Mueller Report behind us. Case closed he said. Given this bit of Trump protectionism; his Merrick Garland obstructionism; his not supporting Obama when Obama pointed to Russian interference; his rash of Right Wing judges being approved; his not bringing calls to vote to the Senate and basically all his obstruction to prevent a fair representation of a two party governance of this country and his always circling the wagons to protect Trump - Mitch certainly has racked up a huge negative legacy.

Right now I don't think Mitch is very reflective of his political posturing. Why should he be - as he is getting reinforcement from Trump and 'thataboy's' from the Conservative Media.

That's when this idea hit me. A Living Obituary with emphasis on all the negative. What if Mitch had the opportunity to read his obituary today while he is still alive and kicking? What if his obit was filled with all his negative legacy accomplishments? What if he had to read how people will think of him when he's gone? Mitch's obit filled with his negative legacy in black and white for him to read today and for all of us to read today. How will Mitch McConnell be remembered when he passes?

I don't know about you - but I think most people would like to be thought of positively when they pass. But what if people might think negatively about a person when they pass?

So that's basically my flash of an idea. Put together a series of negative 'living obituary's' on the Repugs in Congress. Let them get a chance to read how people will remember them when they're gone. How they protected Trump. How they neglected climate change. How they treated minorities, women and immigrants. How they supported taking children away from parents and putting the children in cages. How they favored the rich 1% and looked down upon the poor and middle class. And on and on.

Some Repugs probably wouldn't care. If fact - wear this negativity like a badge of honor. But I'm betting that a fair amount of Congressional Repugs might feel embarrassed. Might feel that they need to think about their actions now while they are living so that when they pass - their legacy will be one that is complimentary and positive. After all - how would their negative obit/legacy look to their children and grandchildren?

So that's it. That's the idea. Put together and publish a series of negative 'living obits' to hopefully open the eyes of some of these Repug politicians that are currently blinded by their ego's.

What do you think?

What Jurisdiction Does The OLC Have?.....

If I understand correctly - they are the body that says 'you can't indict a sitting president'. How can they say that? What is their power to have what they say stick?

A Repug Friend Of Mine Told Me About A Website & Tweet - Republicans For Impeachment.....

has anybody else heard about this? He says there is a movement developing amongst Repugs to support impeaching Trump.

Did I Hear That Trump Said Mueller Shouldn't Appear At House Hearing......

or is that just a rumor being floated by someone trying to be funny?

Trump Is The Culmination Of Decades Of The Development By The Repugs Of The 'Unitary Executive' ....


What we're seeing with the Trump Administration basically turning its nose up to Congress has its roots in Anton Scalia through the Reagan Administration and fine tuned and honed by Dick Cheney during the G.W. Bush Administration that culminates here and now in the Trump Administration.

Trump is the consummate specimen that the Repugs needed to perfect this theory and bring it into full blown practice. Trump has the right mix of ego; personality flaws; lack of conscious and emotion to pull off being the ultimate unitary executive. He's running this country like he ran his business and he is getting away with it.

The Repugs fostered this theory and have bolstered Trump being able to pull this off by providing him with the cover to allow him to get away with all the crap he's pulled and is continuing pulling.

This was the Repug master plan that ruminated in Repug think tanks and was massaged through the years to bring us to where we are today.

Trump is talking 'coup'. He is right. There is a 'coup' and the final steps were put into place in the Nov 2016 election that gave us Trump and the Repugs their ultimate weapon - the 'unitary executive'.

I really don't know if there is a way to recover from this as the Repugs have taken this from 'theory to practice'.

If you watched the movie 'Vice' you'll understand the devious mind of Cheney in his putting into place some of the final steps to bring us to putting the 'unitary executive theory' into practice in this Trump Administration.

For some background on the movie Vice and the unitary executive theory - check out this link: https://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-spitzer-cheney-vice-unitary-president-20190207-story.html

I'm really afraid of what I've been hearing from the talking heads on the cable news shows as they frustratingly describe how Trump and his minions (like Barr) are systematically dismantling our democracy. When you hear the likes of Malcolm Nance sounding frustrated - it really hits home.

Couple that with the helplessness of the Dems in Congress to do anything to combat what is going on - it really gets scary.

Yesterday Trump really rubbed our noses in it by talking to Putin. Trump is taking a victory lap as he feels he's come through the Mueller Investigation and can now move on to seal the deal in the 2020 election.

He says 'no collusion' - but yesterday he continued colluding with Russia and Putin in full view of all of us. Can you imagine what is going through his mind as he rubs our noses in this?

Tweet Unto Others As You Would Like Them To Tweet Unto You.....

Seen as posted on a marquee in front of a church.

I Just Heard - Lindsay Graham Sent Letter To Mueller .....

saying something to the effect that if Mueller wants to testify before the Senate Committee - he can testify. Something about weighing in on Barr and his interpretation of the Report.

Well - I'm suspect here.

Why the change of heart here? - particularly when Trump says it's over - let's get on with business and Trump won't let anyone testify before the House Committee's.

Did they get to Mueller? Did they tell him what to say? Are they wanting to make Mueller be the one to say it's over?

What's up? I don't get it? Something fishy going on.
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