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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,687

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Do The Repugs And Trump Stay Up Late Every Night To....

dream up all these attempts to kill our democracy? Have they no scruples? Aren't they embarrassed? Don't they realize that in the end they will probably shoot themselves in the foot and lose their power base as the American People finally get fed up with all their antics?

Or do they know in advance that they have got the Nov Midterms in the bag and they will maintain their power base? Do they know that they will kill the Blue Wave in Nov?

This Is Not A Laughing Matter Anymore......

I don't want to turn on Colbert. Kimmel, Fallon, Meyers or Cordon tonight and have them making fun of Trump or his inhumane border policy. I want all of them to speak out against this policy and demand action from the American People.

Yes - comedy sometimes gets people's attention and makes them see the absurdity of Trump and his minions - but - this making fun of what is going on in our country perhaps now has gone too far. In some way some American People think what is going on is all fun and games and don't take the actions that are going on in Washington D.C. seriously. These late night hosts and comedians need to begin to use their nightly forum to really inform the people. Many people get their news only from these late night shows and because these hosts make light of things - as I said above - don't take things seriously. People avoid the news shows because it's depressing and they don't want to face reality.

Remember when Kimmel spoke out about health care - people started listening up. He caught the ear of the American People and calls went streaming into Congress.

Well now the same thing has to happen or we will laugh ourselves right out of a government and a democracy.

I like to laugh just as much as anybody - but I've reached a point where I can't laugh at what is going on in this country and how we've let the Repugs, Trump and Putin whittle away from our democracy on a day-to-day basis. It has slipped away too far now. We the American People must put a stop to this.

So if anyone from any of the late night shows is monitoring discussion here on DU - please get this message to the hosts of these programs to talk seriously to the American People.

The Dems Need To Make Sure That The American People Know The Inhumane Treatment.....

of children and their parents are suffering - is a result of Trump/Sessions and rests squarely in the hands of the Repugs for not doing anything to get Trump to stop. Trump has been falsely blaming this treatment on the Dems and I understand that the WH has issued a statement as such.

The Dems can't sit back and not defend themselves and they need to be vocal and make sure that the American People know that the Repugs and Trump are totally responsible.

Trump's strategy on this is that this will help the Repugs in the Midterms. I believe that it will backfire on him and we Dems need to make sure that the truth is known so that it does backfire on them bigly.

What Was Manafort's Rational For Picking Pence For VP?.....

Also - has Pence been called before the Mueller investigation? I have to believe that Pence is knee deep in this Russia thingy. What is the thinking on Pence's involvement?

Right - Now Rudy Wants To Jail Their Enemies.....

They won't rest until Hillary, Obama, Comey, Pelosi, Schumer, etc are in jail - so that they don't have any interference in their plan to destroy this government and enrich the 1%.

Given What We Know About The Deplorables That Voted This Insane Idiot Into Office.....

I can see how they weigh on his every word and believe his lies. In their eyes he makes believable arguments.

We on the other side know the facts, have the facts on our side - but the deplorables don't care about the facts. They are mini-Trumps with all his racist and mysoginyst and heartless beliefs and will follow him to their own demise. What will it take to wake then up? Does he have to take their children from them?

Was Comey Actually On Trump's Team?....

Looking at the IG Report it's hard not to believe that Comey might have been working for Trump in the run up to the 2016 election. As Am Joe said - Comey helped Trump get elected. I know what Rachel said of Comey's 'rock and a hard place' position he was placed in by the Repugs - but it could also be interpreted a different way.

And to think we are on the cusp of the 2018 Midterms. Is Trump trying to do to Mueller what they did to Comey in 2016?

If Mueller doesn't act soon he'll be up against the Midterms. Will he have to wait till after the Midterms to act? Will that help the Repugs maintain their powerbase? Is Mueller working for Trump too?

I really don't believe what I'm saying here - but the appearances of what is happening looks like history could repeat itself.

Have Any Toxicology Reports Come Back On Anthony Bourdain Yet?.....

I heard that they were doing tox analysis.

Where's Rudy?.....

Haven't heard from him lately.

When The Blue Wave Becomes A Reality In November.....

how do you think Trump will interact with a Dem Congress?
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