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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,870

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Is There A Group Here On DU That Speaks To Repurposing, Recycling, Rewiring Things?.....

I'm looking to get tips from people that currently are involved with this - things like how best to clean an item; etc.

If there is no such group on DU - can you recommend other sites that I may want to look into?

Any help would be appreciated.

I'm At The Point Of Retirement And Am Looking To Make Some Extra Money.....

I purchase items from e-bay - but have never sold anything on e-bay as I don't know the first thing about selling items on e-bay.

I am looking for advice from all of you seasoned e-bay sellers as to how to get started selling on e-bay and the best way to price items; how do you determine what the shipping cost would be; how much of a percentage e-bay takes on a sale; how you determine how long the auction lasts; and basically any tips you might have that would make me avoid problems or mistakes and make me a successful seller.

Also - if any of you have any links to any sites that provide the latest info on how to sell on e-bay that would be appreciated as well.

I finally have time to immerse myself into e-bay and make the commitment to it.

Any help would be appreciated.

I don't know anything about etsy and have never bought or sold anything on etsy. Is etsy a good alternative to e-bay? If so - all the questions I had above about selling on e-bay would apply to how do I sell on etsy.

Thank you in advance for your help.

If Trump Was Competing On His Own Program - Celebrity Apprentice....

he would have fired himself.

Just go back and look at the petty reasons he had fired people.

Trump - trumped all those people in terms of his behavior and his actions.

Did Trump Ever Equate His "Deportation Force" With ICE?.....

Today I'm hearing that ICE is what he meant when he said 'deportation force'.

I thought he criticized ICE and the job they were doing.

While Trump Is Trying To Appeal To Black Voters....

Repug's are using voter suppression tactics around the country to inhibit the Black vote. The Repug's are actually working against Trump. Ironic isn't it.

Epi-Pen Alternatives.....

Seek out and talk to your local 'compounding' pharmacist for possible alternatives to the Epi-Pen auto-injector.

My advice is to talk with both your doctor and a 'compounding' pharmacist. The 'compounding' pharmacist in conjunction with your doctor can come up with an alternative to the high priced epi-pen. The 'compounding' pharmacist can teach you how to draw up a dose of epinephrine and how to inject/or use it.

The auto-injector product used for epi-pen was developed by a company called Survival Technology. The U.S. Military requested Survival Technology to come up with such a product to use for immediate self-injection against nerve agents on the battlefield.

I bet if we investigated this request by the U.S. Military - we would find out that the military provided funds (taxpayer funds) for the development of such a device. It blows my mind that Mylan can now jack the price up 600% for something that perhaps we taxpayers paid for initially.

Epinephrine - used in the epi-pen has been around for many, many years. It is a generic injectable product and is available in ampules and single and multiple dose vials. Again your 'compounding' pharmacist can help in acquiring these dosage forms and instruct you how to use them (i.e., draw them up in a syringe and inject it or teach you how to use the self-injector product that diabetic patients use that I provided a link for above.

Here are some links to alternatives:

Also - here is another link of alternatives: http://www.wildmedcenter.com/uploads/5/9/8/2/5982510/epinephrine.pdf

Here's a link to a video of drawing up epinephrine from a vial into a small syringe:

Note that some diabetic patients have a hard time to give themselves insulin injections. There is a product out there that some of these patients use. Here is a link to that product; http://www.allegromedical.com/diabetic-supplies-c520/autoject-2-self-injection-device-p176268.html?utm_campaign=Comparison%20Shopping&utm_source=froogle&utm_medium=feed&CS_003=9164468&CS_010=8ab281020bb66dff010bb6739214093b&gclid=CPKY3OL13c4CFdgWgQod09YFWA&kwid=productads-adid^53190000973-device^c-plaid^159979017853-sku^AJ1300@ADL1EA@ADL4ALLEGRO-adType^PLA#AJ1300_EA

Note that there are other alternatives to this product above that are even more reasonably priced.

Mylan currently has an exclusivity on the pre-filled self injector device called the Epi-Pen. Another version was removed from the market by the FDA and another company called Teva has one in development now that has been hung up by the FDA and has not yet been approved. There is a possibility that the Teva version can be approved by sometime in 2017.

In my opinion - what Mylan has done raising the price of this product borders on criminal. At least we can say that it is un-ethical.

They may be laughing all the way to the bank right now - but if any person dies because they couldn't afford to pay the outrageous price that Mylan has on this drug - I would think they might be a candidate for a law suit.

Note: A 'compounding pharmacy and a compounding pharmacist' is not your typical corner drugstore/pharmacy. Compounding pharmacy's are specialized pharmacies where the pharmacist is an expert in customizing medications (or compounding) from raw approved ingredients because the patient can't for some reason take the patented medications that are available at your local drugstore. It may be because a specialized dosage strength is required; the patient can't swallow what is currently available; a patient might be allergic to some agents in the patented medication and the compounding pharmacist can make a med that won't cause the patient any problems. They are experts in doing this sort of thing and I feel real confident that they can help out a person that can't afford to purchase Mylan's Epi-Pen.

Just know that all is not lost because one can't afford Mylan's version. There are alternatives.

Trump Pre-empted Hillary's Speech By....

saying that she is going to be calling him and his campaign and supporters racists.

Hillary's speech that followed Trump's speech kind of did just that.

Who tipped Trump off that she was going to be doing that? How did he know or is he just a genius and a clairvoyant?

Hillary Needs To Orient Her Campaign To Take On The Repugs....

and spend less time and money attacking Trump. Trump just will continue to lie and put Hillary and the Dems on the defensive based on lies.

Trump is the nominee of the Repug Party. Why not attack the Repug Party and all of their platforms, resistance and gridlock that they have used. Point out under who's leadership 9/11 happened. Who started the wars in the ME. Who crashed our economy. Who won't rebuild the infrastructure. Who is for cutting back all social programs.

If - as Trump says - we have a corrupt government - make sure the American People are reminded that the Repugs were very much a part of that government.

Take them on and associate Trump with the Party. Make Trump defend the Repug Party.

Was There A Trump Tweet Today About Joe Scar & Mika?....

I was flipping channels and saw what seemed to be one.

Are Repugs Starting To Rally Around Trump....

now that he has new blood leading his campaign?

Where are Hillary and the Dems. All I hear is all Trump all the time on the news channels. All I see is Trump surrogates and talking heads.

Whats going on? Are the Dems and Hillary getting complacent here?

Are we going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?
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