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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,687

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How Are Trump's Most Ardent Supporters Handling His Modifications On....

immigration, blacks, and his regrets?

Seems to me he is beginning to betray his most hardcore, racist and politically incorrect supporters.

Is he in trouble of even losing these supporters?

Have we heard from any of them saying they are feeling betrayed.

Thank You Donald Trump.....

because you are running for president - the Dems and Hillary's fundraising efforts are going great. It seems that the money is coming in because no one wants you to be our next president and therefore are funneling a lot of money to Hillary and the Dems to stop you.

So we Dems owe you a debt of gratitude. Thanks Don!!!!!

So What Does Trump Mean When He Tells The People Of Louisiana That....

he will support them and that he's or we're with them?

Is he going to rebuild their homes? Is he going to give them money?

What is he talking about?

Do they really believe that he's with them?

Anyone Notice Trump Is Not Wearing His Solid Colored....

power ties anymore. He's been wearing striped ties. I realize this is not important at all - but I thought it to be an interesting observation.

Remember his solid pink and yellow power ties he always wore.

Is moving to striped ties his idea of looking more presidential?

Is Aetna's Announcement Of Pulling Out Of Obamacare An Effort To Elect Repugs?.....

Is Aetna wanting a Repug president and congress so that they overturn Obamacare and let the insurance companies rip us off again?

What Job Is Rudy G. Bucking For In The Trump Administration?.....nt

If We All Agree There Are Many Unhinged People Out There That Own Guns......

what disturbs me is that when the media keeps using words like 'Trump meant assassinate Hillary' or 'Trump meant to kill Hillary' - and those words being repeated over and over by people in the media - they are just continuing to put that thought into the minds of the unhinged.

They are just continuing to put that suggestion out there and further embedding that thought into the psyche of the unhinged. It's borders on 'hidden subliminal messaging' further persuading and triggering some receiver out there to perform.

It's no wonder that the Secret Service would be concerned over Trump's statement.

Anyone That Comes To Trump's Defense When He Makes Statements Like The 2A Comment....

today is just as bad as Trump himself and the fact that they are protecting Trump should embarrass them. Do they really want to associate themselves with this insanity?

And Trump makes this stupid comment one day after 50 national security experts say he is dangerous and not fit to be president.

Trump proved their point with this 2A statement.

Blago Is Trying To Get His Sentence Reduced Today With A Hearing Here In Chicago....

I'm wondering if this doesn't happen for him today - will President Obama issue a pardon for Blago when he leaves office?

This Is How The Media Can Make Trump Look Bad.....

The next time he is in an interview scenario - one on one with a media interviewer or at a Press Conference - which I think his campaign will keep to a minimum now as they don't want him going off the track and lying - the media people need to ask him questions related to the statistics that he spouted off in this speech.

The fact that he read this speech - I don't believe that he will be able to defend those statistics and they will get him off guard and he'll start spouting jibberish again.
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