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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,687

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Just Heard On MSM That Trump's People Are Saying Hillary And The Dems Are Politicizing The Khan....

speech at the DNC and are the ones that are keeping it in the current news cycle.

Correct me if I'm wrong - but isn't it the MSM that is making this the big news cycle story and not the Hillary campaign?

Ten New Zika Cases Reported In Florida And Our Congress Is On Vacation.....

Obama asked for money to combat Zika and the Repug controlled Congress turned its nose up to him.

Now Zika has landed in Florida and new cases reported today.

Florida is a vacation destination state with a Repug Gov.

Heaven forbid that they don't discover some Zika cases in Orlando - home of Disney.

People will stop going there in a heartbeat.

Thanks Repugs - now look what you've done.

They need to have an emergency session. Call all of Congress back so they can appropriate the funds necessary to do battle with Zika. Hope it won't be too little - too late.

Where Are The Trump Kids Since Their Speeches At The RNC?.....

I haven't heard much from the Trump kids since this whole Kahn issue has hit the fan. Trump keeps stepping in it and I got to believe that even his family are finally getting embarrassed by the words and actions of their Dad.

On a side issue - it is interesting to me as well that the Bush family hasn't weighed in on Trump's comments about the Kahn's.

Trump Will Soon Be Given Security Briefings.....

Knowing Trump will he believe what he is being told or will he turn these briefings into a conspiracy against him?
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