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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
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I Wonder What Life Is Like Now At Kavanaugh's.....

home with the wife & girls?

I Think Repug Voters Need To Be Told That The Repugs Have Given Up On The Midterms.....

We know a lot of Congressional Repugs are retiring and not running in Nov. I'm imagining not a lot of campaign money is going to be spent in races that look like they are going Dem.

Given info like this I think the Dems need to get the word out that the Repugs in general have given up on the Midterms and are basically accepting the Dem Blue Wave.

If that message is transmitted to the American People I think a lot of Repug voters will sit the election out saying - all hope is lost - we're going to lose anyway - why do I need to get out and vote. And besides it looks like the Party itself is conceding defeat.

So pushing Dems to GOTV in record numbers for the Nov election and Repugs giving up and conceding defeat and sitting out the Midterms - it will be harder for the Repugs to pull tricks; steal votes; cheat; suppress votes and get Russian help. They'll be working from a deficit.

So we need to get the word out to Repug voters that their Party has given up and your vote is not going to be that important.

Just saying!!!! We need all the help we can get and if it is putting the word out that the Repug Party has conceded the Midterms - I'll take that.

Perhaps The WH Should Administer Truth Detector Tests.....

Trump might have more success. It's not in anyone's interest in the WH to tell the truth. Everything is a lie. Everyone is lying - including Trump - the master liar.

Sarah - Do You Really Think People In The WH Would Own Up To Their Conversations With....

Woodward? Why would they when asked - tell the truth that they did in fact tell Woodward what he says they told him when he interviewed them. And why do you believe them when they say they didn't say the things that Woodward attributed to them in his book.

It seems to me Sarah - that they have more reason to lie to the president - because they don't want to lose their job. Why would they tell the truth and implicate themselves?

Is the president that gullible that he believes that they are telling him the truth?
I would think that he'd be more paranoid than ever now that Woodward's book and this OpEd are out there for everyone to read.

Does Anyone Think That There Is A Concerted Effort To Take Down Pence.....

going on? A lot of fingers are pointing toward Pence and his staff about this OpEd. Pence even had to come out today and say that he'd take a lie detector test to prove he isn't Anonymous.

I just get this feeling that there are factors at work to take Pence out of the equation.

Am I thinking too hard on this or does anyone else think there are factors at work to take out Pence?

Why Hasn't The NYT OpEd Been More Effective.....

One would think that given the message Anonymous was conveying that this OpEd would have been the final nail in Trump's coffin. That the Repugs in Congress would finally get the message and move to remove Trump from office.

Instead most of the interest in the OpEd revolves around the identity of 'Anonymous'. It was made a game by the MSM and people are still putting in their guesses as to who wrote this OpEd.

Now why wasn't this OpEd more effective? My guess is how Trump handled the furor surrounding this OpEd. We always hear in the background that he is furious. He is volcanic. He is obsessed with finding out who the author is and punishing him/her.

Well - when we finally see Trump - he never looks volcanic or furious. He acts his normal insane and lying self and we never see him flying off the handle. Therefore - in the eyes of his supporters - he maintains some credibility.

Just once I'd like to see him - in public - go off the deep end with anger, fury and with a volcanic reaction. However, we people never see him in that state. He has a way of controlling himself when he appears in public. He may lie. He may say outlandish things. He might peck at people. But he never flies off the handle in public. As a result - we never get to see the behind the scenes described person.

Until we see Trump melt down in public - he'll continue to maintain the upper hand in these situations.

Now he has 'deep state' and 'treason' messages going for him with this OpEd.

And the more that comes out about his own treason or treasonous acts - he's able to flip in around and use that to counteract any accusations against him.

IMHO - The NYT's OpEd Is A Message To Repug's In The House & Senate That....

we on the inside have things under control and there is no need for you to push for impeachment or to move along the lines of the 25th A.

Yeah - Trump may do some outlandish things - but we inside won't let him stray too far - we got our eye on him so just sit back and let us (the Resistance) make sure that we achieve all that the Repug Party want to achieve and when or if Trump stray's - we make sure he won't do any damage.

So - this OpEd is just a subtle message to Congress that we inside got things under control.

They want the public and the MSM think that Trump is 'volcanic' and that there is 'chaos' in the WH. That's a nice narrative to keep those people pacified that the end is maybe near. However, have no fear fellow Repugs - we'll keep marching in the direction we've been marching and we'll achieve those other goals we have of overturning R v W; ACA; other social programs; etc.

Has Any Senator Asked Kavanaugh If He Talked With Trump?.....

We know why Trump is upset with Sessions. Sessions recused himself of this Russia investigation. Trump has said if he knew Sessions would have recused himself - he wouldn't have appointed him to Justice.

Now it seems Trump may be faced with the same from Kavanaugh. I don't think that Trump would make the same mistake twice. So I have to believe that Trump had that conversation with Kavanaugh and they talked recusal. I also believe that Kavanaugh answered all of Trump's hypothetical questions.

So what I want to know is - did any Senator ask Kavanaugh about any talks with Trump? And how did Kavanaugh answer.

Did Kavanaugh agree to a loyalty oath with Trump?

Can Trump Take Credit For Anything Accomplished By The WH?......

Shouldn't the credit be given to the OpEd resistance within the WH that is keeping Trump in check. Isn't it the resistance that is making Trump look good?

What Is Really Disturbing Me About The NYT OpEd Is That The MSM.....

is fixated on learning who Anonymous is - instead of focusing on the gravity of the accusations about Trump being unfit to serve as president which the OpEd was written about.

It's almost like the MSM is making a game out of the naming of this person.

This is not a game folks. This is serious stuff when you have to have someone on the inside crying out for help from Congress to do something about this criminal in the WH. This fake of a president has his hand on the Nuclear Codes. When is Congress going to do something? When Trump fires off some nuclear missiles or nukes some country or starts some war.
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