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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
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Why Do The Repugs Continually Circle The Wagons Around Trump And....

why aren't they reacting to this OpEd that paints Trump as unfit to serve as a president?

I've heard the theories:

1. They are using him now and when they get what they want out of him they will abandon him.

2. They are all in with the Russian collusion. They will be implicated if Trump goes down.

3. Putin gave Trump Kompromat on all of them and that is being held over their heads.

4. Their lives have been threatened.

5. Their families lives have been threatened.

6. Party first - Country second.

I've heard all these theories but I have to believe that there are some Repugs that will stand up and take on Trump. Some that have integrity. Some that are really patriots and take their jobs seriously. Some that value this Country and this Government.

It seems to me that there is power in numbers. If they all banded together and forced him to resign; or began impeachment proceedings; or even corroborated the stories we hear about Trump and his unfitness for serving as president - that Trump, Putin, or no body could possibly do something to take them all out at the same time.

I did, however, say that in the process of running in the Repug primaries and then becoming the Party's nominee - that Trump learned all the deep, deep secrets of the Party. Maybe Trump is holding that over them. Maybe he is saying - if you try and take me out - I will take down the whole Party and divulge your cheating and political tactics and take you down with me.

I don't know what it is - but the evidence is right out there in front of their faces. It is right out their for all the American People to see. It is right out there for all the world to see. Yet nothing is being done to remedy the situation.

Instead of the MSM making an issue of how unsuited Trump is to serve as president - they are out there speculating on who wrote this OpEd and making that person the bad guy. Saying that he/she is a coward for not signing this OpEd. They are chasing that story instead of the most serious issue that is facing this Nation - that we have a person that is considered the world leader that is a criminal and unsuited to serve.

I just don't get it.

Is There A Competing Group Of People In The WH That Works Against The.....

resistance (as indicated in the NYT OpEd)?

Essentially - one group that works to maintain some control on this guy and another group that encourages him to take off the wall positions.

Has Anyone Here Gone Over To Fox To See How They Are Dealing With....

this OpEd? How are the rank and file deplorables dealing with this?

Could Sessions Be Anonymous?.....

I don't know if I've seen his name being mentioned in any of the other threads here on the speculation of who Anonymous is.

Trump's been gunning for this guy for a long time. Maybe Sessions just got fed up and is striking back.

Would Omarosa Have Known About This Resistance Group In The WH?.....

Remember just a couple of weeks ago it was said that a number of people in the WH were worried as to what recordings Omarosa had and whether or not she taped them.

Did she even elude to such a resistance group inside the WH in her book?

I wonder if she knows who Anonymous is? I wonder if she'll be the guest on any of the cable news show tonight and asked her opinion?

Is There Really A Separation Of Powers When The Legislative & Executive....

branches of government have their hands in nominating and confirming judges to the Judicial Branch?

If it is said that the Judicial Branch is political - I believe it is because of the hands of the Legislative and Executive Branches in this process.

There's got to be a better way of getting judges to fill the Judicial Branch.

I'm Having A Hard Time Hearing What The Protesters Are Yellling Out....

at these proceedings. Is anybody writing down what they are yelling out and collating all these protests for us American People to read?

So All Those Questions That The Dems Are Asking Kavanaugh And Believe To.....

be critical to this guys confirmation - he dodges with the response that he can't answer because they are "hypothetical"? Weasel!!!!!!!!

Has Anyone Asked Kavanaugh Yet About His Relationship With Trump?.....

I'm sure he's talked with Trump. Has Trump pressed him on the loyalty issue?

If Kavanaugh gets confirmed and later as he sits on the court - there is a possibility that he might be in a position to recuse himself. Has there been any line of questioning along this line yet?

If he recuses himself - will Trump begin to treat Kavanaugh like he treats Sessions with his recusal? Will we be hearing Trump say 'if I knew he would recuse himself - I wouldn't have put his name up for the position'?

Is There A Transcript Of Kavanaugh's Opening Comments Today.....

I was in the car listening on the radio and one passage particularly bothered me. It was the passage that Kavanaugh talked about 'friends'.

I wonder if Kavanaugh thinks of Trump as his friend?
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