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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
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I Understand Why Cohn Stole Those Papers From Trump's Desk - But.....

isn't that scary in and of itself that a WH staffer can do such a thing. In the wrong hands and for the wrong reason - this could be a disaster for a good president (not Trump).

I wonder how Trump will process this stealing of papers off his desk? Do you think that Trump can have Cohn arrested for doing this?

Everybody Knows This Nomination And Confirmation Process Is Political......

We also know that the Repugs hold the power to confirm Kavanaugh without the Dems. So my question is - why are the Repugs withholding documents. They might as well have let this committee have all the documents that they demand they have. In the end - no matter what documents are seen and reviewed - Kavanaugh will be confirmed by 100% of the Senate Repugs.

So what are they hiding?

The Dems Should Just Get Up And Walk Out.....

Kavanaugh should say he doesn't want to get nominated to SCOTUS in such an unfair way. His nomination to this court is being sullied right from the beginning. This kangaroo court is no way to start this guy's tenure in this office. It really says something about SCOTUS as a branch of government.

Did I Hear That Lindsey Graham Didn't Invite Jarvanka To McCain's Funeral?.....

I thought I heard that he has denied that he invited Ivanka and Jarad to the funeral. If that is the case - did they crash the funeral or did someone from the McCain family invite them?

So Lets See If Any Senate Repugs Will Put Their Money Where Their Mouths Were.....

We heard a lot of talk over the last few days of McCain and returning our Congress to sanity and cooperation and bipartisanship.

A lot of Repugs echoed McCain's words. One in particular that really talked through his hat was Sen. Flake. He said all the right things and he's also in a position to do the right thing.

He could get a couple more of his Repug colleagues to vote against Kavanaugh for SCOTUS and prevent this criminal president from making a lifetime appointment to SCOTUS that is being made to protect Trump.

But I doubt that he will actually do that. Like in previous instances where Flake and a few other Repug Senators had a chance to stop Trump - it will be like all those other instances where they will circle the wagons around Trump and protect him.

We need to continue to put pressure on Flake, Corker, Collins, Murkowski - to do the right thing when the SCOTUS vote comes up.

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