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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,852

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Why Can't They Agree On Two Investigations - Separate Them....

One investigation - for the Jan 6th Capitol Insurrection

and the second one

the other protests over the summer in Minneapolis, Portland, Chicago, etc

I would think that the BLM protests would break badly for the Repugs also.

I Think This New 'No Mask Needed If Vaccinated' Decision Is Too Premature.....

I believe the CDC should have waited for 2 weeks past the Memorial Day Holiday to make this decision.

Here's why:

We've been here before. We've relaxed some restrictions only to see a surge in cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

We know that Memorial Day is typically considered the start of summer. We know that a lot of people will be traveling, meeting with friends and family, having picnics and BBQ's.

If we can make it 2 weeks past the Memorial Day holiday without any unusual surges - I'd feel better about these new mask relaxations.

So right now - I think it is premature on their part to do this. After the Holiday I believe it would have been better timing. Heck - it's only another couple of weeks.

As for me - when we go shopping - I'll still be wearing my mask. Cause it will even be harder to determine who is vaccinated and who isn't if no one is wearing masks. I also won't be eating at any restaurants in the near future either and I'll still be social distancing.

We've come this far and things are looking up as the U.S. population gets vaccinated and closer and closer to 'herd immunity'.

It would be terrible - if we get all excited by the CDC's new mask decisions - and a post-Memorial Day surge occurs and we have to pull back.

I'm high risk and even though I'm vaccinated - I'm still playing this cautiously - until I assess the situation about 2 weeks after Memorial Day.

One Would Think That Yesterday The Repugs Lobbed Up Some Softballs For The Dems & MSM To Refute....

Trying to change history - which we saw unfold right before our eyes on 1/6/2021.

Why aren't we running their comments of 'just a normal touristy day in Washington D.C. - with the violence we saw unfold.

Show their lying face. Play their statement. And then show actual footage of what went down.

One after another - these lying Repugs that made statements yesterday trying to change history - should be paraded in front of the American People. Show their lies. Then show what in reality happened and what they are lying about.

Shame and embarrass them. Don't let them get away with the lies.

Again - We're Hearing About The Demise Of The Repug Party.....

We're hearing about the in-fighting going on and that the Party will not survive.

Yet even with the Dems holding the White House, The Senate and The House - the Repugs seemingly are banding together against President Biden and the Dems and holding this Administration back on passing much needed legislation to make sure we're able to continue our Democracy.

We're also watching them lie through their teeth about the Jan 6th insurrection and watching them as they successfully dismantle voting laws to suppress votes all around the U.S.. We've also watched as they stack the courts in their favor and gerryrig the census to their advantage so that they can manipulate the Congressional Districts through gerrymandering.

We're also hearing that - even with this Party that is seemingly coming apart at the seams - that they have a very good chance in re-taking the House in 2022.

What the hell is going on? How can we have a Party that's crashing - that supposedly will not survive - yet be so powerful that they have a chance at retaking the House in 2022?

I just don't get it. How can we let that happen? Is it just because our MSM says that the incumbent Party - usually loses seats in Congress in the midterms. That this is tradition.

Are we going to let the MSM dictate to the American Electorate what the outcome of the 2022 Midterms will be?

Can Somebody Post A Picture Of The Gallows Erected On The Capitol Ground On 1/6/2021....

I don't think one could think that this is what happens on a normal touristy day in Washington D.C..

Have Veterans Groups Reacted To The Repugs Voter Suppression Tactics In The States?.....

I would think that veterans that served in our military and fought in wars would be up in arms against the Repugs attempts at modifying voting in the States and making it harder - instead of easier - for Americans to vote.

Veterans are the champions of justice and risk their lives for Americans so that we can have a Democracy and the right to vote. One would think that Veterans would be very vocal and opposed to the Repugs messing with that right.

My significant other is beside herself. Her brother died in Viet Nam fighting for this country and she is just appalled watching what the Repugs are doing. They are dishonoring all those that died fighting for their country and it's a slap in the face to all those that are serving in the military currently.

Why isn't there more of a push back from Veterans Groups, the Military and their families?

With Respect To An Infrastructure Bill Being Passed - I Hope Provisions Are Made For.....

Preventative Maintenance and Upkeep - so we never get ourselves as a country in the situation we're in today - where much needs to be completely rebuilt from the ground up.

If we don't have those provisions in the act - this country will face another big bill in the future.

Let's be smart about this.

When Will We Start Hearing That The 2022 Election Is The Most Critical/Important Election Ever?.....

I've always said - the next election is the most important/critical one ever.

There Appears To Be A Organized Effort By The Repugs All Over The Country To.....

do as much damage to this democracy as they can.

It's like they've been building up for years to this push and they are pulling out all the stops to do everything possible to make sure that they are in a position to regain power and this time never relinquish it again.

There's an air of desperation about their actions too and they have no guilt about how blatantly they are going about doing this. It is based on lies, racism and corruption.

They are leading with their chins and just daring the Dems to take them on - knowing that the Dems are really helpless in stopping them.

Through the years there has been a slow build-up by the Repugs to this moment in history. They seemingly, methodically and patiently shaped their strategy to win the States - governorship's and legislature's - so that they can enact laws that support their efforts.

It's like - well if the current laws don't work for us - let's just change the laws to allow us to get around them.

What they are doing is not being done in isolation. Their moves are calculated and being coordinated around the country. And they are going all out now to accomplish this.

I don't believe that the former guy is the brains behind this movement. In my opinion there is some other more sinister force that is puppet-ing this corrupt and what appears to be an illegal effort.

They are proceeding full speed ahead and even with all the negative press they are getting - there appears to be no stopping them.

They're either going to pull off a coup this time or really fail bigly in trying.

Has Anybody Directly Asked McConnell, Graham, Cruz Or Any Repug If They Believe In Democracy?.....

I wonder how they'd answer that question?

What do you think they would say?
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