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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
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Bernie Was Supposed To Meet With The Congressional Black Caucus Last Week....

Do we know if the meeting went off as scheduled? Have there been any accounts of what went on at the meeting? Any reports?

Some Pundit On One Of The News Shows Today Said Something To The Effect That The Support Bernie....

is getting is not because for him - but because people are rejecting Hillary.

Now that is just asinine.

As I Recall Bernie Was Supposed To Meet With The Congressional Black Caucus Yesterday.....

Do we know if the meeting went off as scheduled? Have there been any accounts of what went on at the meeting?

Any reports?

Why Even Go Through This Primary Process?.....

No matter what the polls say (i.e., Trump is in the lead significantly or Bernie surpasses Hillary in Iowa) when the cable news shows discuss this the pundits keep making excuses for Jeb and Hillary - the so-called presumptive candidates.

It is obvious that TPTB want those two candidates (Jeb & Hillary) running in the general election. So no matter what any of the other candidates do - the discussion always comes back to Jeb & Hillary and how either the polls are outliers; or it's really too early in the process to take these seriously; or Trump will fade away; or Bernie isn't a serious candidate; etc - and that Jeb & Hillary will rebound back.

Looking at the polls - it seems clear that the American People are fed up with the status quo and are looking to non-presumptive candidates to be their nominee - but it seems like neither the Repug or Dem Parties will have that. They aren't getting the message and they are resorting to force feeding the American People with the same old - same old.

If that be the case and they made their decisions that these are the two that will face off in the General Election of 2016 - why are we even going through the motions of having primaries?

Did Bernie Take The Pledge Not To Run As An Independent?....

I think Bernie poses to the Dems the same type of threat that Trump poses to the Repugs if he ran as an Independent.

Bernie needs to use that threat to his and us 99%ers advantage.

I know Bernie said he'd support the Dem nominee - but that was as he entered this nomination process and I don't think he could have envisioned the type of support he'd get from the American People.

I believe that he wanted to move the presumptive nominee more towards a Progressive platform. In the process he has uncovered a fire in the belly's of the American People and a fervent desire to have a government for and by the majority of the American People and not the 1%ers, the corporatists and the Banksters.

Now I think he needs to re-evaluate his position on this as he sees how he is being mistreated by the DNC, the Dems and the MSM and how he is he is being thought of by the American People.

The American People understand that he represents the way out of this mess of a government we have.

He can't let the American People down now.

What Do You Suppose Huckabee Is Saying To Davis Right Now?....

I understand he is now meeting with her. I heard that she was going to be released and that he didn't get a chance to meet with her until after it was known that she was to be released. So I don't think he'll be able to take credit for getting her released. I'm sure this is all a ploy for Huckabee to get into the headlines and try and eek some press away from Trump.

I Think Joe Biden Should Be Pissed.....

In my opinion - Joe, as VP, should have been the heir apparent candidate for the Democratic Party for 2016. He's served admirably by the President's side and has been involved with most everything that has gone on in this administration since the initial inauguration. I always thought it was a given that the VP was first in line for the job.

Hillary should have been challenging Joe. Instead - somehow she leaped ahead and is considered the annointed.

How did that happen? Did Joe say he didn't want the job? Or was Hillary promised the spot given that she lost to Obama? Or is just the fact that the Dems want to make history again with electing the first woman president?

Do the Dems now acknowledge that Hillary has serious problems and now are looking for Joe to save the Presidency? Is Bernie considered such a threat to TPTB that they are using Joe to prevent Bernie from becoming the nominee should Hillary flame out?

I think if I was Joe I say I served my country well throughout my career. I made it to VP. I was overlooked by the Party to be their banner carrier in 2016 - it's time for me to retire and enjoy the rest of my life with my family.

I don't think he should run. I'm sure Hillary doesn't think he should run either. I'll let Bernie speak for himself as I know he respects Joe.

Now That The Lion Killer Dentist Has Come Out From Hiding And.....

has been armed with a story from - most probably - a 'high priced PR firm' - how long will it be before the MSM makes us feel sorry for the guy?

Just Got Home & Put The TV On & Surfing Channels & Fox Is Doing A Hour Long Hit Job On Hillary....

called 'Clinton Scandal/Secret Server'. They're being Fox and they're being brutal. I kept it on for a few minutes and had to turn it off. Very one-sided against Hillary. Ed Henry did a number on her.

Donald Trump - The New Don Rickles....

Just like it's cool to be insulted by Don Rickles it's becoming cool to be insulted by Trump. It's becoming a badge of honor for other candidates, newspeople, TV, Hollywood & sports figures, etc to have Trump insult you or use social media to criticize you.

Trump is the new Don Rickles. He's an insult comedian. The difference is when Trump gets on you he means it.

That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.
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