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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,591

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Run 50 Steps, Walk 50 Steps Pace - What Is That Called?....

Does anyone remember from their Boy Scout days - Pee Wee Harris and reading Boys Life - what that pacing was called?

Has Anyone Noticed That The MSM & Late Night Talk Shows Have Been Showing More Of TFG....

and Putin - than Biden and Putin.

TFG is a thing of the past. We have a new President and he's doing a damn good job - yet the MSM and Late Night Shows seem to want to focus more on the past and showing how bad TFG was instead.

I don't want to see the mug of TFG on these shows anymore. He should be in exile and be long forgotten. Yet it seems like they want to keep his presence alive and kicking and keep on showing images of him - like if we don't know what he looks like.

I'm trying to forget this guy - yet they won't let us.

Stop it already!!!!

So What Is The Upshot Of This DOJ Business That's Going On?.....

Who is responsible? Is it the gift that keeps on giving - Tr**p? If so - will he be held accountable? What could possibly happen to him?

What about the DOJ employees left over from his administration? Are they responsible? Will they be held accountable?

Can somebody explain to me how we can have what looks like illegal activities going on all over the former guys administration - yet no ever gets held accountable? No one is ever jailed.

This just means to me that the next time the Repugs get in power - that we'll just have a repeat of all this crap.

It's really sad.

Is There A Repository For Info On Current Covid Deaths & How Many Of The People....

died - weren't vaccinated?

If so - would somebody post a link to that info.

I believe I read somewhere yesterday - that the bulk of all new Covid deaths occurred in people that weren't vaccinated.

If that is so - that info needs to be publicized by the MSM to illustrate to the anti-vaxxers that they are in peril and subject to dying from Covid if they remain un-vaccinated.

So Does This Tax Expose' That The Richest Don't Pay Taxes.....

come at a fortuitous time for Tr**p and his troubles with taxes?

I'm just saying - I can hear him pointing to Bezos, Soros, Bloomberg, Buffet, et al and say something like - I just did what they did and took advantage of the loopholes.

If you're going to put me in jail for my taxes - you have to do the same to all those other rich guys.

We Watched The Movie 'Irresistible' Saturday Night....

Great messaging by Jon Stewart who wrote and directed it.

I recommend anyone that is into politics watch it.

Cracked up on the scene about the 'Spin Room'.

It's Really A Slap In The Face To All Americans For Manchin To.....

be yukking it up at the Kennedy Center Honors.

He's having fun and enjoying himself on our dime.

I'm just sick and tired of having my nose rubbed in the dirt by the likes of Manchin, Sinema and the Repugs in general.

The Negotiations That Biden Has On-Going With The Repugs On Bills Like The Infrastructure.....

is the Repugs just running out the clock.

They have no intention of compromising with Biden and the Dems - they are just wasting time - to run the clock down to the Midterms.

The proof was in the Commission Bill - where they negotiated and the Dems basically gave them everything that they demanded.

When the time came for them to vote on that - they didn't honor their negotiated compromises. They basically - ran out the clock.

That's what they are going to do with everything.

Why are we playing into their hands?

Have Any Repugs Taken Offense To The MSM Talking Heads Accusing R's Of Destroying Democracy?....

I think if I were a Repug and I heard the MSM talking heads - on an around the clock basis - saying that my Party was out to destroy our democracy - I would take offense.

I would want to defend my Party and I would want to make sure that I would give examples as to how my Party is defending democracy.

The fact that I don't hear any Repugs - except Liz Cheney, Adan Kinzinger & Romney - taking a stand for democracy - I got to think that the Repugs are actually and methodically trying to destroy our democracy.

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