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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,898

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I Have A Bumper Crop Of Basil This Year And Am Wondering What I Can Do.....

to harvest it and benefit from it until next summer when I can grow more.

Should I prune it from the plants and freeze it?

I don't want to dry it. I'd rather use it as basil leaves.

Any suggestions?

Milley Says He's Sworn An Oath To Protect This Country From All Threats Foreign & Domestic - Did....

anyone ask him if he perceived TFG as a domestic threat?

I Think It's Amazing That Tr**p Has Taken Lying To A Whole New Level That When.....

truths really come out about him - that he can pawn them off as lies.

He's mastered the 'art of lying' and has turned 'lying' around on its axis.

Unfortunately - the MSM doesn't call him out on his lies as much as they should - and they let him get away with them. They legitimize him. A sad commentary on our MSM.

Why Hasn't The Jan 6th Committee Subpoenaed John Eastman?,,,,,

We know that he wrote the plan to steal the election from Biden for Tr**p. I want to know how he came to write that plan? Was it under a request from Tr**p? Somebody else? Who gave him the orders to detail this plan? What discussions were had regarding the plan as they discussed it? How it was presented to Pence? I got to think that a lot of people that worked in the WH at that time and others in the Repug Party - were involved.

There was a conspiracy to take over the government. It appears that a lot of people might have been involved and have the knowledge of this conspiracy. Why aren't we going after this guy who seems a key player in this conspiracy who might be the key person to identify all the players?

In Public Announcements Of The Percentage Of Vaxxed People Of A State.....

I've seen many times where a percentage will be given with a comment that this percentage represents those people that have at least received 1 vaccination shot.

My question is: Are these one timers those that have received only one shot and don't intend to get their second shot?


Are these people that are just in that two week window and are readying to receive their second shot when they made it to two weeks?

This to me seems critical to know.

If a person only got one shot and never comes back for their second shot - do we know what their reasoning is? Did they have a bad experience with the first shot? Do they think they can get by with only one of the two shots? Why? I want to know why they didn't come back for their second of two shots.

Does anyone follow-up with these one shot people to get them to return for the second.

The reason I'm asking because I've seen some reported numbers over time - under the 70% threshold of a State - and the percentage never seems to make it to 70%.

Example: Lets say it's reported that "X" State is at 66% vaccinated people that have at least one shot. A month later the State vaccinated number is reported and it is still in the high 60's and never reaching the 70% threshold number. Again reported that this percentage is of people that have had at least one shot.

Now I know these States are continuing to vaccinate people and that there will always be people waiting on their second shot - But - why don't we ever achieve that 70% threshold number?

It would be great if the reported number was those people that are completely vaccinated in a State vs those vaccinated with at least one shot.

What am I missing here?

Does It Make A Difference (DIMAD).....

I'm going to use this 5 word statement in those posts I see here on DU - where fellow DUers point fingers at all those illegal and underhanded things that the Repugs do - that we think they should be held accountable for.

The problem with all those accusations and plots we expose of theirs - never amount to getting them in any trouble. They just go ahead and do as they please and turn their nose up to the laws - because they know that no one will ever hold them accountable.

So when somebody tells me that a Repug lawyer or House Member or Senator or TFG's cronies does something that is contrary to the law and they should be held accountable for. I'm just going to post - Does It Make A Difference (DIMAD)?

Meaning - thanks for exposing that - but nothing will happen to them. DIMAD? No. They'll get away with it because that is what they do.

They push the illegal angle anyway they can and throw caution to the wind. If their well placed judges don't let them off on some technicality a Repug president will just pardon them anyway. Or they'll attempt to change history and tell us what we see is not what we see and they will make of a story on how these lawbreakers are patriots.

Here's a good example of the type of post I'm talking about:

Trump Campaign Knew Lawyers' Voting Machine Claims Were Baseless, Memo Shows

Nice that they knew the voting machines claims were baseless. These claims of voter fraud and cheating were made anyway. And I say DIMAD that we know that now.

No - because that is all water under the bridge now. They took their shot. It didn't work. So they moved on to some other way to make trouble.

How Did The Haitians Get To The Border?.....

Isn't Haiti an island? How were they transported to the border? Who got them there?

What Would Manchin & Sinema Say If They Were Asked These Questions.....

How would you feel if the Repugs won back control of the House, Senate & Presidency - any or all of these - in 2022 & 2024?

Do you seriously think you'd be in a better situation than you are today with the Dems in control?

Would you really want to see Tr**p back as president?

I really wish somebody would ask them these questions.

We Have An Accountablity Problem.....

We have politicians and people all over the country - openly and flagrantly - breaking the law - and we are failing to hold them accountable.

This lack of accountability for their breaking of the laws just contributes to other potential law breakers to go ahead and do it - because they feel they will never be held responsible.

It's no wonder why so many Americans are despondent, disillusioned and disgusted with whats happening right under our noses

Until these law breakers are held accountable and made to pay for their crimes - we will continue to watch our country and democracy slip away from us.

We know who these people are that are breaking the laws. But they always seem to have some wiggle room because of our legal system - that makes it difficult to hold them accountable.

Those same people - and again - you know who they are - seem to manipulate the system to keep themselves out of jail. Some loophole. Money to keep the whole thing in the courts. A friendly judge. etc, etc, etc.

We need to start holding these people accountable. They need to realize that anytime they break the law that they are at risk. They have to watch that others are being held accountable - so they get can be sufficiently afraid that they may wind up in jail.

I Just Want To Take A Minute Here To Thank Bernie Sanders.....

He has (in my opinion) broken through with respect to "the rich and the corporations need to pay their fair share".

That was his message right from the start when he reached national prominence.

At first - people looked at him as an old guy that kept repeating the same thing about the rich and their lack of contributing to the success of this country.

Now finally - after many years - Bernie's message has broken through to the main stream and it is being repeated by most Dem notables, the main stream media talking heads and the people are finally getting the message.

Joe Biden is now taking that message to the People and it is resonating.

I'm looking forward to us evening the playing field - and real soon - where the top 1% and the corporations have to step up and begin paying their fair share.

In my opinion - we have Bernie Sanders to thank for that and we have to thank him for being persistent over these years for continuing delivering the same message and finally having hit heard.

Thank you Bernie!!!!!
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