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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,858

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Has Tucker Carlson Been Vaccinated For Covid?.....

Has he commented that he's gotten vaccinated? Has anyone asked him if he's been vaccinated?

Are the 'powers that be' at Fox requiring their employees to get vaccinated for Covid?

Have all the Repug Senators and Congresspeople been vaccinated for Covid? Are these same Repug Senators and Congresspeople requiring their employees that work in their offices in D.C. to be vaccinated? Are the employees that work their offices required to wear masks?

Do they socially distance in the cafeterias in the government office buildings in D.C.? Has anyone here at DU been to D.C. lately and have visited the Senate and House Office buildings? What are the requirements for wearing masks in those buildings?

How Can We Encourage People That Are Anti-Vaxxers To Get Vaccinated For Covid?......

I heard this morning that vaccinations for Covid are down 11%.

Just a while ago people were having a hard time getting an appointment to get the shot. There was a shortage of vaccines available. People were traveling great distances to get vaccinated. Waiting in lines.

Now vaccines are readily available. Lines are gone. But there is a shortage of people making appointments to get the shot.

Most of those people are either anti-vaxxers; misinformed MAGA's; Fox News listeners; vaccine conspiracy theorists; etc. Many are needle-adverse. Many feel they are indestructible and don't need to get vaccinated. Many are also anti-maskers as well.

In order to get to a decent 'herd immunity' here in the U.S. - we need to bring many of these people to their senses and get them in to get vaccinated or we'll never get out from under this pandemic.

What kind of strategies can be employed to get as many of these skeptics vaccinated? What has worked for you to convince your family, friends and colleagues to get in and get vaccinated?

Please post those suggestions in this thread.

I've used the 'grandkids' as an incentive. "If you ever want to hug your grandkids again - you must get vaccinated. If no vaccination - you don't get to be in the same room as your grandkids."

I've used the 'parents and grandparents' as an incentive. "You don't want to pass on Covid to your parents or grandparents if you're not vaccinated."

This works for all sorts of family and friend relationships.

But what can businesses do? Can they even require their employees to be vaccinated if they want to work in their establishments? Can you prevent an employee to work in your environment if they are not vaccinated? You might pay their health insurance - so couldn't you use that to get them to get vaccinated? You don't want un-vaccinated employees to pass on Covid to your customers? Do you? Is this legal or are you violating their rights and freedoms?

What about college students going back to the classroom? Can you require returning students to be vaccinated before they can attend live and in-class studies again?

Can a cruise-ship line require their potential passengers to be vaccinated before they can book a trip on their cruise ship? What about airlines? Trains?

Can a major PSA Campaign be mounted by celebrities to get the American People vaccinated?

Can a Broadway Theater require their audience to be vaccinated before they can buy a ticket?

What about - using that - it's the patriotic thing to do? It's the American Way. Vaccinate back to Freedom.

Bottom line - I'm posting this here to generate ideas to get those anti-vaxxers as mentioned earlier in this post - to get out and get vaccinated.

So please take some time here and tell us what techniques you've used to get family members; friends and colleagues to get vaccinated.

I have felt liberated getting my Pfizer shots - yet I'm still being real cautious - because it seems like we keep taking one step forward and two steps back in this pandemic.

What motivated me to post this today was the news that - vaccinations have fallen off 11% recently.

We can do and we have to do better!!!

Did I See Someone Throwing Money In The Street Around Cup Food In Minneapolis Today.....

after the verdict was announced?

I saw what looked like papers floating around in the air and a bunch of people on the ground picking these papers up. Was it money or something else? Or was I just imagining that this was happening?

Today's Verdict Will Now Put All Law Enforcement Officers Around This Country On Notice To...

'Think Before They Act'

One of their own didn't think - or if he did - he thought that he would be protected by his badge.

He thought that he could get away with anything because he was a cop.

Well that won't work going forward.

Law enforcement officers all around the country - know now - that they will be held accountable for their actions.

They need to take that into account in every situation that they might find themselves involved in going forward.

Think before you act - or you might find yourself in prison - like Derek Chauvin.

Indianapolis Mass Shooting News Conference On CNN & MSNBC......

After the Mayor of Indianapolis made his statement and asked law enforcement to discuss what was presently known about the shooting - FOX NEWS ran a series of commercials and other non-related stories and didn't let their viewers learn anything of substance about this shooting.

Very evident that they don't want to acknowledge this type of gun violence.

They totally ignored the known facts about this shooting.

Is It Time To Mount A Campaign To Overturn Citizens United?......

I Have To Ask This Question.....

If timing is everything - Is it time to mount a campaign to overturn Citizens United?

I know that the Repugs like the money they get from the Corps - but isn't this a chance to have both the Corps & the Repugs (i.e., Moscow Mitch, Hawley, Fox News, Laura Ingram, etc) to put their money where their mouth is?

All the Corps that signed on to that ad opposing voting restrictions. The Repugs saying Corps should stay out of politics. The Dems never on board with Citizens United.

Would we be able to garner some bipartisan support?

It is one way to keep the Corps out of politics - isn't it. With CU overturned. Huh?

At The Beginning Of The Pandemic When Food Stores Were Being Emptied - I Bought Some Spam.....

Instead of continuing to take up space in my pantry - I decided to cook it up and use it. Now I haven't had span since my Boy Scout days back in the 60's when we went camping.

Here's what I made:

1. I cooked up 1 lb of angel hair pasta in salted water.
2. I diced the whole piece/can of Spam and put it in a pan with 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter and 1 teaspoonful of minced garlic.
3. I fried it up until it started to brown turning it with a wooden spoon to make sure diced meat was browned on both sides.
4. I added two 14.5oz cans of Margaret Holmes - Tomatoes, Okra & Corn to the pan with the Spam and heated til a mild boiling.
5. I added about 1/3 cup of reserved pasta water and turned the heat down to a simmer.
6. Simmered it for about 10 minutes.
7. Added the angel hair to the pan and tossed it till covered.
8. Plated and served it up.

I was floored. It turned out to be a very enjoyable and tasty dish. As I didn't know what to expect - I was pleasantly surprised and satisfied with my concoction.

I will make this again and I actually will look forward to eating and enjoying it.

The Repugs Are Suppressing Their Own Vote.....

When you think about it the Repugs are actually suppressing their own vote with all their crazy conspiracy theories and their cult-like following of Trump.

With respect to the pandemic - most refuse to wear masks and won't get vaccinated. They also are opening up their States well before they should. [Note: Just when it looks like we're gaining ground on Covid - they open up the bars, restaurants, gyms, stadiums/arenas and other businesses and the numbers bad again.]

Many are going to wind up with Covid. Wind up being hospitalized and on a ventilator and dead. They are killing themselves off. Their numbers are dwindling.

And I got to believe that their efforts to pass voting laws in the name of fairer elections (rrrright) - will effect Repug voters as well and further keep their own voter numbers down.

Turning their nose up to new gun legislation isn't going to help them either. Bottom line I got to believe that having a gun puts one on the path to using it and either killing themselves, loved ones or friends and getting themselves in trouble with the law. They actually aren't any safer than any one else when it comes to mass shootings.

Insurrection will be putting a lot of them in jail and I got to believe that more and future attempts will be made to - insurrect - and get more of them in trouble with the law.

Somebody needs to ask both Repugs and Dems to define what it means to them to be 'patriotic'.

I bet that the definitions both sides give - will be 180 degrees opposite of the other.

This is just my opinion. I'm curious if anyone else thinks the same.

With Respect To An Infrastucture Bill Monies Need To Be Included........

in it for follow-up Preventive Maintenance on a scheduled basis to maintain the infrastructure going forward so we never again get into this disrepair situation like we're currently in.

It makes no sense to repair bridges, roads and other structures and let them fall into disrepair again because the States they're in can't afford maintaining them.

What do you think?

Fire DeJoy - My United States Post Office Experience Today.....

I normally hold all my out going mail until I close my office for the day. I hold for last minute letters and packages I have to send. I stop by the Post Office after work and transact my business with them then.

Today I got to my Post Office at 4:35pm (normal closing time is 5:30pm).

Today I found my Post Office closed at 4:35pm. In fact the sign on the door indicated new M-F hours ending at 3:30pm instead.

Pissed and having to get a package out today - I went over to a neighboring suburb Post Office. This one was closed at 2:30pm. Again new hours - indicating being short staffed.

What is going on with this. DeJoy is out to destroy the USPS and this has got to stop.

President Biden needs to get this guy fired and out of this job. I know that the only way he can achieve that is to replace (I believe - Board Members) that have the ability to remove DeJoy from his position.

This needs to be done fast.

I know I've heard of all kinds of horror stories from around the country re: USPS. So I know this is not something that is effecting me. I'm sure other small businesses deal with USPS much the same way I do.

We need to complain and complain really loud. This can't be what we'll have to deal with going forward.

I know that Bernie Sanders was a strong advocate to save the USPS. We need him to get more vocal as well.
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